In February, you defeated Marcel Khanov and won the TOP DOG light heavyweight belt. What has changed in your life since then?

- The main changes have occurred in my head. I realized what I had achieved. I realized that now many will want to take away my title. Therefore, you need to train even harder. Of course, after the conquest of the ring and on the street began to recognize much more often. After all, I am the first and so far the only champion in fist fights from Volgograd. All this is great, of course, but the responsibility has grown a lot.

- I got the impression that after the victory over Khan, other leagues began to show increased interest in you. For example, after that, you have already managed to fight twice in RCC Hard and both times prevailed ...

- Yes, during these seven months there have been serious changes in life. My family is very proud of me. As for the performances in Yekaterinburg, then it was possible not only to win two victories, but also to get acquainted with Petr Yan and his teammate Ilyas Khamzin.

- What do you remember about communicating with Ian?

— When I had my first fight at RCC Hard, he didn't know anything about me yet. I approached him and asked him to take a picture. He did not refuse. And before the second fight, I attended his master class. Peter recognized me, we had a good conversation. He asked: "Did you come to the fist again?" A very good guy. I am glad to have the opportunity to meet him.

Also, during my performance at the tournament, I was supported by Evgeny Tishchenko, an Olympic boxing champion. We have known him for a long time: we went through training camps together.

- Like you, Jan is a native of boxing, who later became famous in another kind of martial arts. Didn't offer you to try your hand at MMA?

- No, they didn't talk about it. But I don't see myself in mixed martial arts. I don't know how to fight and I don't like it. I prefer to fight on my hands.

— Do you follow MMA tournaments in general?

- If Peter fights, then I try not to miss. As well as other significant fights. But in general, I watch very rarely - like boxing.

- Perhaps they attract other species?

"I wouldn't say. If there is any significant event, I can turn on the broadcast. For example, the Champions League final. But I already have enough sports in my life, so in my free time I prefer to be distracted and do other things.

- For example?

"I like to swing. I am a master of sports in bench press. I devote a lot of time to physical activity. But as the battle approaches, this fades into the background. After all, if I pull a lot of iron, I will eat more, and before weighing this is not the best option.

- What is the record weight of the sting?

– 200 kg.

- Surely you, like many, were inspired by the show "The Strongest Man".

- Of course, I watched it. Personally, I have always been impressed by Denis Tsyplenkov. He has unreal hands, he is also an arm wrestler. A very strong man. I always admired him.

- Have you thought to try yourself in something like this?

- Not yet. But, when I start fighting (sooner or later it will happen), I will focus on "physics". I want to be strong, to serve as an example to my son, to others. As soon as I'm done, I'll just pump the cans.

— Surely, as a child, you followed the main football team of Volgograd - Rotor.

- Yes, at one time the team thundered in Russia. But personally, I did not attend a single match with her participation.

- Some representatives of fist fights come from fan groups. Did you fight for Rotor in your youth?

"No, I don't. Except for the performance in the ring, the last time I fought was at school. I have always been a non-confrontational person, and I have never been drawn to various kinds of fan associations. When I went into my fist, I thought: "I have no experience in this. All of a sudden, it won't work." But years of boxing still played a role.

- If you had the opportunity to meet and communicate with one famous athlete, who would you choose?

- I would like to talk to Saul Alvarez. I like him, he is a very gifted guy. I would not mind talking with Dmitry Bivol, with Fedor Emelianenko, I would like to talk in more detail with the same Yan. All these are people with a huge sports and life experience. I think we could learn a lot from them.

- Because of your appearance, you are often compared to Emelianenko. What do you have to do with him?

- The most positive - but how could it be otherwise? I am sure that thanks to him, many guys took up martial arts. And some even call him the greatest MMA fighter in history. That says a lot. Fedor is a great example for any athlete.

— Who inspired you to go into boxing?

- When we moved to Volgograd, I was engaged in taekwondo. And then I found out that there is a boxing section not far from the house at the Zenit stadium. At one time, I just came to the building and watched through the glass door how the other guys were doing - everything was like in a movie. One day I was noticed by my future mentor. Said, "What are you worth? Come in, train." Since then, he began to combine two types, and subsequently left taekwondo.

You could say that if it weren't for him, I would never have come to boxing. It is all the more sad that after three or four months the coach died. But I decided not to stop there and moved on. I went to another specialist - Dmitry Ivanovich Kaurkin. And I've been working with him ever since.

- Did your father support you in this endeavor?

- Of course. When my first coach died, I came to him and said: "Father, I want to do boxing. Take me somewhere." Then he gave me to Dmitry Ivanovich. As history shows, we were definitely not mistaken with the mentor.

- How did your father and coach react to your desire to go into a fist?

- Dad fully supports me, he likes everything. I think, first of all, he is pleased that I remain in the sport, won the title of champion. He watches all the battles with my participation. The coach is also proud of me, of course, but still suggests that I leave my bare fists. He says it's traumatic, let's go back to boxing.

- How do you react?

- I answer: "No, Dmitry Ivanovich. As long as everything works out, we have to fight. Honestly, I personally like the cam even more. Although there is nothing to do without boxing. That's my opinion.

- You said that your father watched all the fights with your participation. Live?

- Unfortunately, no. He is constantly on business trips. Sometimes, he leaves for six months - a year. Therefore, it is not possible to attend tournaments. He returns home for a couple of weeks and uses this time to rest. But he doesn't miss broadcasts, he's rooting for me.

- So, does he have a desire to attend your performance?

- Of course. I think it would motivate me even more. In front of his eyes, I would like to fight even better.

- As another TOP DOG champion Naim Davudov admitted, it was the presence of his father at the cage that made him refuse to continue the duel with Serge Michel and, in fact, admit defeat. Could your dad's stay in the corner affect you in the same way?

- As far as I know, Naim's father is a coach, like Serge. And I don't. Therefore, he would sit on the podium and support me, and not stand in the corner. Still, these are different things.

- How do you feel about when your son studies under the guidance of his father? As in the case of Vasyl Lomachenko, Teofimo Lopez.

"I sometimes thought about it and came to the conclusion that I would not be able to train with my father - as well as I could train with my son. It seems to me that psychologically you approach it differently. A child is a child.

- Your son is already six years old. Haven't you been involved in sports yet?

"He breakdances and swims three times a week.

- As the examples of Usyk and Lomachenko show, dancing is an excellent base for boxing.

- I am in favor of the fact that the child attended the sections with pleasure, not under the stick. My son likes to dance, and I fully support him in this. If he wants, let him do it. Of course, I could give him to boxing. But he would get hit on the head, come and say: "Dad, why do I need this?" And now everyone is happy.

- Has your son expressed a desire to engage in martial arts yet?

"He has a pear hanging at home, sometimes hitting it. Naturally, I show you how to do it correctly. But he likes dancing more. I have already competed twice, now I am preparing again.

- Have you watched your fights with your son or do you think that it's too early for him to see this?

- Of course, I showed him the battles with my participation. He has a TOP DOG wallpaper on his phone, a bunch of stickers with the league logo. Sometimes, I go home, and he, in the style of Danila Rugby player, announces me: "Fomich!"

- By the age of 26, you have already managed to achieve great heights in bare fists. How long have you been seeing yourself in this form?

- I have repeatedly heard that the age of cam fighters is short-lived. The guys break their arms, jaws. But I like this sport, it brings me pleasure. I want to speak to the last. There are joint plans with the management of TOP DOG. I won't say anything specific yet. But we are one family and make all decisions together. Yes, there is a desire to combine with professional boxing, but bare fists are a priority.

- In September you will have to fight with Islam Zhangorazov. What can you say about him?

- Up to this point, I watched only one fight with his participation - with Vitaly Kudukhov according to the rules of boxing. Initially, I was supposed to fight in that fight, but it didn't work out, and Islam came on as a substitute. I haven't seen fights with his participation in the fist and I'm not going to study them. This is a fundamental point. You know, he's talking something, and I don't understand people who talk a lot about the wrong thing. Maybe it's just me who was brought up that way. I'm looking forward to the day when we can fight. Let's see how he speaks in the ring.

- The other day, Islam called himself the most popular light heavyweight fighter and said that no one knows you.

"I've heard something like that. I don't understand why and to whom he said this, what he wanted to show with these words. If he has such a style of behavior, then let him continue to adhere to it. The main thing is not to get personal. What can I say, a clown is a clown.

— Don't you feel like you're in the role of Khabib Nurmagomedov before the duel with Conor McGregor?

"No, I don't. By the way, I've always liked Conor. Clearly, he talked a lot, sometimes overdid it, but at times he still confirmed his words with deeds. The man rose from the bottom and became a multimillionaire. This inspires respect.

- Some representatives of fist fights are forced to combine performances in the ring and regular work. Does this apply to you now?

- Yes, but everything suits me. I've never been chic - everything was in moderation. Now there is food at home, my son is dressed and shod. There is enough for an ordinary, simple life. At the same time, I myself have not changed much. I can still sit with the guys on a bench and nibble on seeds. True, already in the status of the TOP DOG champion. (laughs)

- What position do you hold now?

– Head of the Security Service. This is close to me, because for many years I worked in security. In principle, I don't see anything wrong with combining. Nothing is simple in life.

— How do you manage to keep up with both work and prepare for tournaments?

- I have a 5/2 schedule, but at the same time I train twice a day. The authorities are sympathetic.

— What goals do you set for yourself in the future?

- I do not think that I have achieved something incredible. Everyone does their job - someone a little better, someone worse. I managed to win the ring. Of course, I would like to become a champion in two weights, and then we'll see. Surely there will still be interesting offers in RCC Hard.

Oleg (Fomich) Fomichev will fight Islam (Django) Zhangorazov at the 23rd numbered tournament of the TOP DOG promotion, which will take place on September 22 in the Krasnaya Polyana gambling zone at the Red Arena.