Major League Baseball pitcher Shintaro Fujinami of the Orioles pitched in relief against Masanao Yoshida's Red Sox on the 9th and earned his seventh victory with a good reliever that survived a one-out first and second base pinch hit.

Fujinami pitched the third inning with a one-out single to second base in the fifth inning with a 7-6 one-run lead against the Red Sox in Boston.

He scored on a double steal and pinch-hit at second base and third base, but a shallow light fly didn't allow the third base runner to survive.

In the second goro, which flew between the first base of the next batter, he ran hard into the first base cover, stepped on the bases, and fell with too much momentum, but did not drop the ball and survived the scoreless inning.

In the next six innings, the No. 1 batter hit a triple, and No. 5 Turner, who was hitting a home run in this game, also struck out No. 3 with a 6.2-kilogram fastball.

Since he did not take the mound in the seventh inning, his first big league match with Yoshida did not materialize.

He threw a no-hitter, one strikeout, no runs and a relief role through one-third innings.

Fujinami has been pitching steadily, keeping no runs in four consecutive games, and not giving up foreballs in 1 consecutive games.

Masanao Yoshida has three hits since Aug. 8

Yoshida, who started the game in left field in the fifth, hit his first hit in four games in his first at-bat in the first inning.

In the second at-bat of the third inning, he hit in front of Wright to open up a chance at first and third base, but the next batter fell on a strikeout.

In the third at-bat of the fourth inning, the pitcher reached base, and in the fourth at-bat of the seventh inning, he reached base on his third hit of the game, a hit to left field, and survived back-to-back hits in the ensuing.

It was the 5th time this season that he had three or more hits in a single game since March 1.

The fifth at-bat of the eighth inning was a second run, and the sixth at-bat of the ninth inning, chasing four runs, was a pitcher's goro, although the game was tied if there was a one-out full base and a home run.

He went 1-for-4 and his batting average rose to 3-for-2 with three walks.

The game ended with the American League East-leading Orioles, who have 4 hits, beating the Red Sox 3-7 with 4 hits, for their seventh straight win.

Fujinami, who threw the third pitcher, won the game and improved his record to 3 wins and 1 losses this season.

With the loss, the Red Sox have lost four in a row.