【Commentary】From September 9 to 6, the 9th Shanxi Provincial Games for the Disabled were held in Datong, Shanxi, where more than 400 paralympic athletes from all over the province gathered in this thousand-year-old capital to display their sports talents and bloom the beauty of life.

Shanxi Provincial Paralympic Games is the largest, highest level and most competitive comprehensive disabled sports event in the province, this year's provincial paralympic games set up a total of 13 individual events and 4 collective events, highlighting the theme of "Disability and Health Integration, Universal Harmony".

【Commentary】Wei Hongxing, an athlete from Yuncheng, Shanxi, has appeared on the stage of national competitions three times and won the fourth place in the javelin throw. He has loved sports since he was a child, and was selected in a selection of the local disabled people's federation.

【During the same period】Paralympic athlete Wei Hongxing

In the past, I had nothing to do at home, and I also liked sports. [Sports] has changed my life dramatically, changed the world, practiced sports, got married, and my children are now in high school. People with disabilities, self-confident and self-reliant, life used to be difficult, now with help, continue to work hard, forge ahead, (fight) for the first place in the javelin, discus and shot put.

【Commentary】19-year-old He Yan is from Datong, Shanxi, and by chance, she came into contact with blind judo. In this year's National Judo Championships, He Yan finished third. In this provincial paralympic games, she signed up for two events: blind rope skipping and blind judo. Deal with the competition with a normal heart, just have fun, this is also her experience in the competition.

【During the same period】Paralympic athlete He Yan

When playing blind goalball in June last year, I met our coach Wang, coach Wang wanted to recruit players, we Teacher Jiang just said that I was suitable, suitable in all aspects, and then recommended me to Coach Wang, I went to practice in March this year, and I played in May. At least the strength is greater than before, and all aspects are stronger than before. The next task is to prepare for the 2025 National Games and continue to play blind judo.

【Commentary】Feng Shiping, a 54-year-old badminton player of the Luliang team, is a veritable veteran of the field. Since the 20s of the 90th century, he has participated in the Shanxi Paralympic Games. From the beginning of athletics to today's badminton, for more than 20 years, he has never stopped on the road of sports.

【During the same period】Paralympic athlete Feng Shiping

Badminton brings me a lot of happiness, and it is my dream to strive to win the first place in our 12th Para Games. I feel like I worked hard, and when I worked hard, I went with the flow, played my own, and played every ball with my heart. Effort must be rewarded, and the most valuable asset in life is health, which cannot be bought with money. It's nice to have so many Para athletes having fun and happy with them.

【Commentary】On the track and field, the figure running hard; In the swimming pool, unbridled swimming; Inside the judo hall, the scene of unarmed battles... The disabled athletes on the field, full of spirit, never give up, bravely pursue their dreams, but in different arenas, they have the same touch.

Zhang Licheng reports from Datong, Shanxi

Responsible Editor: [Li Ji]