Watch Gyökere's goal gesture in the player above.

The 25-year-old striker opened the scoring for Sweden in the 5-0 win over Estonia.

"It's great to score goals and contribute in the offensive with other things as well. It felt good, of course, says Viktor Gyökeres to SVT Sport after the match.

Like many times before, Gyökeres chose to celebrate with a special goal gesture. He has previously said that he will not reveal the significance of the goal gesture – and after Saturday's crush, the striker remains cryptic.

"You have to stay a little secretive. But I might be getting closer to revealing it.

Is it that you yourself do not even know what it means?

"I can't answer that. Maybe I know, I might not know. It's better to keep it that way.

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Viktor Gyökeres with his secret goal gesture. Photo: TT Bildbyrån/SVT