On August 8, in the Hangzhou Asian Games Museum, the torches of previous Asian Games attracted visitors. Photo by China News Agency reporter Wang Gang

Hangzhou, September 9 (Zhongxin Net) -- The Hangzhou Asian Games will be held soon. Hangzhou, which hosts a major international comprehensive event for the first time, will welcome 1,45 athletes from 12417 Asian countries (regions) and tens of thousands of guests from all over the world. During the event, the host who takes "civilization" as one of the concepts of the tournament will also be interesting to show the charm of "paradise on earth" to all parties.

Why "civility"? "Showing Hangzhou's profound cultural heritage, highlighting the open and civilized state of etiquette and the charm of the ancient cultural capital" is the local goal. Observing the preparations for this Asian Games in an all-round way, Hangzhou's performance in three dimensions is worth paying attention to.

The first is the social dimension, as the Asian Games approaches, the host is continuing to make efforts in the soft and hard environment, showing all parties a modern civilization Hangzhou with more and more meticulousness and enthusiasm.

For example, in the creation of a soft environment, the "Civilized Asian Games Citizen Handbook" compiled by the Office of the Zhejiang Provincial Spiritual Civilization Construction Committee was previously released in Hangzhou, which explained in detail the etiquette of entering and exiting the venue, the etiquette of using mobile phones, etc. Over the past month, the handbook has set off a wave of promotion and learning in the local area, allowing the world to see the civilization and vitality of Hangzhou and becoming the common wish of the local people.

Not long ago, Hangzhou Comprehensive Service Center for the Disabled and Hangzhou Metro launched volunteer service co-construction. Wang Yilin, deputy director of the center, said that this move hopes that by strengthening personnel exchanges and conducting business training, more people can learn professional service etiquette and skills for the disabled, and at the same time help more disabled people go out of their homes to create an inclusive, fair and friendly civilized city.

"People" are the core factor of the social environment. In Hangzhou's Shangcheng District, Zhalongkou Street set up a resident volunteer team "Asian Games Civilization Observation Group" to welcome the Asian Games. 23 observers volunteered to serve as advocates of civilization and propagandists for the Asian Games...

In addition, starting from August 8, Hangzhou will launch a 24-day "Literary and Art Show in the City, Fumei Welcomes the Asian Games" cultural and artistic concentrated exhibition and performance, focusing on the public space of the Asian Games and the boutique points of the Literary and Art Endowment Project, and 65 teams will perform thousands of performances on the streets of the city to show cultural vitality.

In terms of hard environment construction, this year, Hangzhou took the opportunity to carry out three major improvement actions of urban quality, urban governance and urban civilization to continuously improve the beauty of the city. At present, the city has built a 516-kilometer rail transit network, 480 kilometers of expressways, 39 entrances to the city, and 215 Asian Games commuter roads have been dressed up and improved, ready to welcome visitors from all directions.

A landscape sketch in Fuyang District, Hangzhou. Photo courtesy of the Propaganda Department of the Fuyang District Party Committee

The second dimension is the venue dimension, the Asian Games venues and Asian Games Village carefully designed and built by the host are expected to become a unique carrier during the competition, allowing all walks of life to see Hangzhou with cultural confidence and strive to promote cultural exchanges.

The Fuyang Yinhu Sports Center, which will host shooting, archery and modern pentathlon, is designed from the mountain-shaped silhouette of the Fuchun Mountain Residence Map, so that the building and the surrounding rolling natural mountains are seamlessly integrated. The façade of the venue presents a "Fuchun Mountain House Map". According to the person in charge of the venue, it is composed of more than 15,85 rotating louvers, which are accurately calculated by the computer between <> degrees and <> degrees. "During the day, the wall paintings will change with the angle of the sun, and at night, the embedded lamps will make them shine, allowing the competitors to feel the unique charm of Jiangnan in China while competing."

In the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Stadium, one of the "Three Halls of the Asian Games", the host built a 6100,<>-square-meter Hangzhou Asian Games Museum, which is divided into three exhibition halls: Asian Games and Hangzhou, Asian Games and Asia, and Asian Games and the future, to display the preparation process of the Asian Games and promote cultural exchanges of the Asian Games. At that time, guests from all over the world can learn about the Asian Games here and get to know Hangzhou better.

The much-watched Hangzhou Asian Games Village also has its "cultural flavor". For example, among the modern high-rise buildings, an Asian Games Village Three Villages equipment and facilities maintenance support room is particularly conspicuous - white exterior walls, dark cornices, like the Jiangnan building coming out of ink paintings. This allows athletes from all over the world to enjoy the charm of Chinese architecture while living comfortably. Liao Xiaohua, the main designer, introduced that under the premise of meeting the relevant design regulations and functional attributes, he hopes to use the Asian Games stage to show the Chinese style to guests from all over the world, which will be transformed into a kindergarten in the future, so it is also necessary to create a growth space with Jiangnan characteristics for children.

The mascot of the Hangzhou Asian Games interacts with citizens. Photo courtesy of Hangzhou Asian Organizing Committee

The third dimension is the Asian Games heritage dimension, where the host is showing the world a Hangzhou committed to promoting mutual learning and appreciation of Asian civilizations through many Asian Games cultural aesthetic elements that reflect oriental culture and aesthetics.

From the theme slogan "Heart to Heart, @未来" that expresses the integration and mutual tolerance of the whole Asia, and reflects the characteristics of Hangzhou's Internet City, to the mascots "Qiang", "Lotus" and "Chenchen" representing the ruins of Liangzhu Ancient City, West Lake and the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, to the Asian Games torch "Flame" represented by Liangzhu Yuqian and mainly based on humanistic history and mountain customs, and the Asian Games medal "Hushan" that displays China's Jiangnan culture and presents the landscape of Hangzhou, the host is committed to injecting through culture. Let the Asian Games become a "bridge" to enhance mutual learning and appreciation among Asian and even world civilizations.

Theodora Masaris, a famous Greek designer, designer of the emblem of the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, senior advisor to the International Olympic Committee and advisor to the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, said in an interview with China News Agency, "Many designs of the Hangzhou Asian Games are displayed in languages and patterns that people around the world can understand, which is a way of communication that everyone can understand and can promote communication between countries and regions, which I appreciate very much." ”

"Colorful culture and excellent communication are just as important as the excitement of the competition." During the preparation process of this Asian Games, the Hangzhou Asian Organizing Committee officially expressed this view many times. Soon, the hosts will further let visitors from all over the world feel the intention and brilliance of their "civilized" concept through performances such as the opening ceremony and the cultural celebration of the 110th anniversary of the Asian Games.

Let the Asian Games not only be a sports event, Hangzhou is ready. (End)