Hangzhou, 8 Aug (Zhongxin Net) -- It has been less than a month since the opening of the Hangzhou Asian Games. For the first time in the history of the Asian Games, "intelligence" has been included in the concept of hosting the games, and "intelligence" is also one of the keywords that has always been focused on in the preparation process of this Asian Games. How does the host carry out the intelligence to the end? And what kind of novel experience will it bring to guests from all over the world during the competition?

"I grabbed the tickets for the Hangzhou Asian Games through the 'Smart Asian Games One-stop Pass', and I am looking forward to the arrival of the event and the wonderful performance of the athletes." Huzhou citizen Wang Wei said that the ticket sales of the Hangzhou Asian Games have been launched, and the convenience and efficiency of the "palm office" in the process of ticket purchase are unexpected, and through the "Smart Asian Games One-stop Pass" mini program, he can clearly understand the problems of ticket purchase, travel, accommodation and other aspects.

"Smart Asian Games One-stop Pass" is the first one-stop digital viewing service platform in the history of the Asian Games launched by the Hangzhou Asian Organizing Committee, which is a representative of the characteristics of the "Smart Asian Games" and is also the first of its kind in the international comprehensive games. The platform integrates various urban services around the needs of six aspects of "food, accommodation, travel, tourism, shopping and entertainment". During the event, it will provide domestic and foreign audiences with "one-stop" services from ticket purchase, travel, and viewing to accommodation, food and tourism.

Not only this service platform, but also many firsts can also reflect the intelligent features of the Hangzhou Asian Games. For example, the Hangzhou Asian Games innovatively launched the world's first Asian Games digital torch, Asian Games digital torchbearer, digital mascot and other digital goods, and demonstrated the "digital intelligence" charm of the Hangzhou Asian Games through the Asian Games panoramic VR platform.

The event venues full of "wisdom" are also the carrier for guests from all over the world to experience the intelligent characteristics of the Hangzhou Asian Games. This time, more than ten venues such as the main stadium of Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center and the Huanglong Sports Center of Zhejiang Province have been equipped with "smart brains".

Yellow Dragon Command Center. Photo courtesy of Zhejiang Huanglong Sports Center

In the computer room of the information center of the Huanglong Sports Center in Zhejiang Province, the reporter saw that a large high-definition screen with an area of about 25 square meters clearly showed the operation of the entire venue. It is understood that the venue has built the first three-dimensional intelligent management system integrating venue operation and maintenance, operation and event guarantee in three-dimensional scenes in China-Huanglong Command Center, which is a "meta-universe" level venue operation and maintenance platform.

The relevant person in charge of Zhejiang Huanglong Sports Center introduced that through the platform, managers can collect all data of the entire center such as energy consumption, real-time status, people, and vehicle flow in real time, timely grasp the indicators of the venue, and realize the centralized operation and maintenance of more than 19,5000 front-end equipment and systems in <> categories, as well as the collaborative management of equipment and supervision.

Not only that, in the field of fire security, based on video and alarm linkage technology, when it sees some signs of potential safety hazards, the Huanglong command center can detect it in time and prevent problems before they occur.

At the Shaoxing Baseball and Softball Asian Games venues, the addition of smart travel services will provide viewers with a more convenient participation experience. It is understood that due to the large area of the venue, it is planned to launch autonomous buses during the Asian Games, equipped with advanced technologies such as millimeter-wave radar, lidar, vision cameras, and ultrasonic radar. Even in complex traffic scenarios, autonomous buses can handle them with ease, and passengers can experience them by simply making a reservation through a mobile app.

In addition to the above highlights, the "intelligence" of the Hangzhou Asian Games is also reflected in the details, such as the "intelligent staff" of Hangzhou Binjiang Stadium - intelligent four-legged robot dog can not only "warmly welcome" spectators to the viewing location and interact with them happily, but also help staff transport training materials to ensure efficient training of athletes; The intelligent service robot of Hangzhou Gongshu Canal Sports Park Gymnasium can guide the venue, explain the event, answer questions, and turn on the automatic patrol function when there is no navigation task.

Run a good meeting and raise a city. Chen Weiqiang, Executive Secretary-General of Hangzhou Asian Organizing Committee and Vice Mayor of Hangzhou Municipal People's Government, previously said that the Hangzhou Asian Organizing Committee will focus on the opportunity of Hangzhou to build an "important window" for the construction of a new smart city in the country, give full play to the advantages of the digital economy, mobilize the forces of all sectors of society, integrate innovative technology into all aspects of the preparation and organization of the Asian Games, polish the golden business card of the "Smart Asian Games", and contribute wisdom and strength to a successful, wonderful, complete and unforgettable sports and cultural event.

When everything is available, Hangzhou and Zhejiang, which are full of innovative vitality, are expected to bring different surprises to Asia and even the world in this golden autumn. (End)