Oliver Berg's transfer from Djurgården to Malmö FF engaged many in football Sweden. The prestige signing from Kalmar didn't quite make the game work in the capital and left after only half a season.

"I was hoping it would be good. But six months later, I can only conclude that things did not turn out as intended. I'm the first to take responsibility for not playing well enough," Berg said.

Reuniting with Rydström: "Means a lot"

Now his career continues in Malmö FF where he is reunited with Henrik Rydström who was his coach in Kalmar.

How much did it mean to you that Rydström is in Malmö?

"It means a lot to me. His philosophy and way of looking at football benefits me," Berg said.

Have you had contact after your time in Kalmar?

"We've talked a little bit. But significantly less than it was in Kalmar. But there was sporadic contact, Berg says.

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Hear how Daniel Nannskog thinks Malmö should use its new acquisition Oliver Berg. Photo: SVT/Bildbyrån