Seiya Suzuki of the Cubs hit his first home run in four games against the Royals on the 20th to help his team win.

Suzuki started the game against the Royals in Chicago at No. 8 and right.

In his first at-bat of the second inning, he had a foul fly to first, but in his second at-bat in the fifth inning, he shook out a ball with a high inside angle and hit a solo shot to left field, his first home run in four games.

It was his 2th appearance of the season, and it was a valuable shot to extend the team's lead.

The third at-bat of the eighth inning was a short fly.

The Cubs won 5-2, and Suzuki went 4-for-12 with one hit and one RBI to help his team win the game, raising his batting average to 100-for-8 with 3 doubles.

Red Sox player Masanao Yoshida entered the game against the Yankees in New York as the No. 4 designated hitter, but he had three strikeouts for the third time this season and didn't get a hit.

The first at-bat of the first inning was a missed strikeout, the second at-bat of the fourth inning was a strikeout, and the third at-bat of the sixth inning was a chance to reach first base with no outs, but the second base runner survived a bad pitch by the opposing fielder.

In the fourth at-bat of the seventh inning, he struck out, and in the fifth at-bat of the ninth inning, the team scored one run and still had a chance to reach second and third base with one out.

Yoshida threw a five-hit no-hitter and his batting average was less than 3 with 3/1/1.

The Red Sox won their third straight game over their rival, the Yankees, 2-5.

Orioles pitcher Shintaro Fujinami pitched the first scoreless inning in relief against the Athletics in Oakland.

Fujinami, who hit the tying home run in the previous day's game, took the mound as the third man in the ninth inning with a 7-4 lead.

He was hit by the first batter, but the next pitch was a double play to shortstop, and no runs were scored.

The Orioles went on to win 3-3.