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Denise Herrmann during her World Championship success in Oberhof in February

Photo: Martin Schutt / dpa

Olympic champion Denise Herrmann-Wick said goodbye to her active career with a fun race at the City Biathlon in Wiesbaden. "It was really cool with the girls. We all enjoyed it again in front of the backdrop in such a city," Hermann-Wick said on Sunday on ZDF: "It was a great honor to be able to run here again. That was a gigantic experience.«

In addition to the 34-year-old, Vanessa Hinz, Karolin Horchler, and Maren Hammerschmidt as well as the two Norwegian Olympic champions Marte Olsbu Röiseland and Tiril Eckhoff also said goodbye to the fans in the Hessian capital.

In the end, they crossed the finish line hand in hand on roller skis to the cheers of the spectators. Only Röiseland did not go out on the track and left it at shooting. The record world champion is heavily pregnant and is soon expecting her first child together with her husband Sverre Olsbu Röiseland, who works as a coach for the German biathletes.

Successful at the World Championships and the Olympics

"I enjoyed doing it until the last day," Herrmann-Wick said of her career. She had contested her last race on snow at the end of last winter. In her last year, the former cross-country skier won, among other things, the gold medal in the sprint at the home World Championships in Oberhof.

Her greatest success was the Olympic victory in singles in Beijing in 2022. "I loved doing sports so much and I'm still trying to do a lot," said Herrmann-Wick, for whom other projects such as the construction of her own house have now come to the fore: "I'm happy to have more time for my family."