Beijing, August 8 (Zhongxin Net) -- As the opponent's crystal broke, TheShy (Jiang Chengzi) smiled and clapped his hands, then stood up and took off his headphones. In the short steps to shake hands with his opponent, he held his teammate's shoulders, not knowing what to say, and his smile never stopped.

TheShy。 Image source: League of Legends tournament official

On this day, TheShy ended the long wait and once again got a ticket to the League of Legends World Finals. This year's tournament will be held in his native South Korea, where he won the title in 2018. He thinks he has matured in personality, but TheShy is still the "strange" list, and this time, he is finally returning to the stage where he should have been standing.

Four years

The last time TheShy reached the League of Legends World Finals was in 2019, when his ID was prefixed with IG. Four years is not a short time in the career of any esports player.

In the four years of moving to WBG, welcoming new coaching teammates, ups and downs in form, and passing opportunities, TheShy's story has clearly been far from smooth sailing. But he said he never doubted he could get back on the stage of the World Finals. "I haven't had that kind of thought, I'm a very confident person."

Of course, because of the change of game version, he occasionally has some powerlessness as a lister. "Now the game is more and more of a feeling that it doesn't matter if it's not related to it before."

TheShy。 Image source: League of Legends tournament official

Despite what he said, it was clear to viewers who watched the game that TheShy was still the one who could dictate the game in the arena.

From IG.TheShy to WBG.TheShy, four years have passed without stopping. At this year's Global Finals ceremony, he looked little different from four years ago, still greeted and cheered without much expression, and the sharpness of a teenager can still be seen on his body.

But people are bound to grow, and TheShy feels a change in himself. "In 2019, I am a very small person, and in 2023, although I can't say that my body is very old, I think there are some great changes, and I have become more mature in personality."


"If I say what kind of personality I am, I don't think I know, I feel like a very strange person." TheShy smiled and defined his personality.

TheShy。 Image source: League of Legends tournament official

From a sideline point of view, his character is indeed somewhat different. Whether it's winning a championship in the limelight as a young man, or failing again and again, TheShy's emotions are captured by the outside world, but it never seems to go beyond the usual range of joy and sorrow.

In this year's League of Legends World Finals LPL Regional Qualifier, WBGs started from the loser's bracket, which means that they have no way back, and if they lose, they will be out. But that pressure didn't affect TheShy, "I'm a person who thinks a lot, but I deliberately don't think about a lot of things. ”

Reflecting on whether there have been any real nervousness in his career, TheShy is also very candid, "There will be some nervousness, but not the kind that is nervous enough to affect me." ”

Talking to him, you can easily feel a kind of candid straightforwardness, analyzing how much of the talent and effort he has become today, and he said: "My words should be 90% talented." Compared to 10% effort, I think I am a more gifted person. ”

TheShy。 Image source: League of Legends tournament official

It was a little incredible at first, after all, the image of TheShy practicing heroes alone late at night is still vivid. But probably because this is a matter of proportion, in the face of "talent" with too large absolute value, in fact, there are not a lot of "efforts" that can only occupy a small proportion.


Coming to the World Finals again, TheShy is still the most watched player despite the passage of time. People are curious about which opponents he wants to face in the global finals, people are curious about what he expects from WBG...

It's clear that TheShy carries more expectations than most pros. That's probably because he's the kind of person who can create endless possibilities, especially at the Global Finals – having been involuntarily blown away by his performance, so expect to be shocked again.

Of course, the journey to the global finals after four years is likely to be challenging, with some old rivals having said goodbye to the arena and young singles menacing.

2023 League of Legends World Finals LPL Departure Ceremony. Image source: League of Legends tournament official

"I didn't think about the players I wanted to meet in the competition, it didn't seem to be." As always, he didn't focus very much on who his opponent was. "There must be a difference between different orders, but if I play against them, there should be no big difference for me."

The thrilling qualification for the World Finals was exciting for the audience, but TheShy was calm when he talked about the outlook. He felt that the most important thing was to solve the team's own problems.

"I think we are all very good players, but there are times when we play very badly. If we solve this problem, I think there will be a good result. I personally wouldn't expect something, but I think there should be a good result. (End)