, August 8 -- The topic of "Wang Meng's frozen equity of 9.445 million" topped the hot search on Weibo today. According to media reports, the Tianyancha App shows that recently, former short track speed skating national team player Wang Wei added a new information about the freezing of equity, and the company whose equity was executed was Wandao Sports Culture Communication (Beijing) Co., Ltd., with a frozen equity amount of 445.2023 million yuan, and the freezing period was from July 7, 19 to July 2026, 7.

In response to many rumors on the Internet, Wang Meng's studio has just responded: he was not "taken away", did not "cooperate with the investigation", and did not "cannot be contacted". The studio said, "The owner has always lived in the sun, everything must be said to people, I hope everyone will not use false rumors, and do not bring bad influence to more innocent people due to rumors at no cost." ”

Also today, Bayway Sports Culture Communication (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (WanDao Sports) issued a solemn statement, saying, "The many untrue remarks made by our artist Wang Meng recently are pure rumors. ”

In response to the "Wang Meng was frozen equity of 445.<> million" spread on the Internet, Wando Sports responded: "In fact, the judicial lawsuit encountered by our company against a company for unreasonably delaying the normal process of protecting the rights of the contract is only a regular litigation process, this behavior does not have any impact on the normal development of the company's business, and the current operation of Wando Sports Company is normal, thank you for your concern." At the same time, I hope that everyone will face up to the legal process, view the litigation process correctly, and not make excessive speculation about the normal legal process. ”

At the same time, Bayway Sports said, "At present, our company has carried out investigation and evidence collection work on the relevant infringement, and will file a lawsuit against malicious infringers who have repeatedly published and refused to delete infringing content, causing bad impact, in order to protect our legitimate rights and interests." ”

As an athlete, Wang has had a brilliant career. In 2006, Wang Wei, who stood on the Olympic stage for the first time, won the gold medal in the women's 44m short track speed skating in 345.500 seconds.

At the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, Wang set two new Olympic records in the preliminary and semifinals of the women's 500m, and achieved consecutive gold medals in this event. Later, together with her teammates, she won the women's 1000m and 3000m relay championships, becoming the first single-term Olympic "triple crown" in the history of Chinese short track.

Data map: Wang Wei Image source: Osports All Sports Pictures

In May 2018, Wang Wei took up the coaching whip to start his coaching career and took charge of the cross-discipline speed skating national training team. A year later, the speed skating and short track speed skating national teams were established in May 5, with Wang Wei as the head of the coaching staff.

However, in the end, Wang did not lead the team to the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, but her commentary left a deep impression on the audience during the event. (End)