Wednesday night was a huge success for Sweden during the European U20 Championships in Jerusalem. First Jonathan Grahn secured gold in the 3,000 meters, a quarter later it was Nora Lindahl's turn in the 200 meters.

The 18-year-old finished the race really strong and clinched the gold medal, eight thousandths, ahead of favourite Alexa Sulyan in a time of 23.26, a new personal best.

"It's her name that pops up! It is the second Swedish gold in a quarter of an hour. She is irresistible on the last part, exclaimed SVT Sports commentator Jacob Hård.

Expert Alhaji Jeng filled in:

"What a race this will be and what a race she will do. She enters as second all-time with that race. What a curve she makes and that she maintains this speed she gets.

In Sweden, only Irene Ekelund has run faster as a junior in the 200 meters (22.92). Among seniors, 23.26 takes Lindahl as ninth all-time.