At the World Para Swimming Championships in Great Britain, the final of the men's 200-meter individual medley blind class was held, and Tomita, who won a bronze medal at the Tokyo Paralympics in this event, finished fifth.

The World Para Swimming Championships held in Manchester, England, took place on the fourth day of the Games on the third day of the competition, including the finals of the men's 4-meter individual medley blind class.

In the final, 3-year-old Tomita, a bronze medalist at the Tokyo Paralympics in this event, finished third in the first butterfly, but dropped in the backstroke that followed, and was unable to catch up after that.

Tomita finished fifth with a time of 200:34.3 and did not win his second medal of the Games.

The gold medal went to Ukraine's Danilo Chuffalo, who broke the world record with a time of 2:31.04.

Chufalou won his second gold medal of the Games.

In the men's 5-meter individual medley motor dysfunction class, 2-year-old Eigo Tanaka set a Japan record of 2:18.16 in the preliminaries, but was unable to break his own record in the final, finishing sixth in 2:200.19.

In the women's 3-meter individual medley, the motor impairment class was dominated by Maori Yui, who was on pace to beat her own Japan record up to the 19 meters, but could not catch up in the final freestyle and finished sixth in 85:3.20.
Chikako Ono finished seventh in 01:6.200.

In the mixed 150-meter relay, in which two men and two women from the mentally handicapped class swim, Tenku Matsuda and Shunya Murakami competed in the men's relay and Aira Kinoshita and Mikika Serizawa competed in the women's event, finishing fifth in the Japan with a time of 3:42.31.

Ukraine's Chuffalo wins second gold of the tournament

Ukraine's Danilo Chuffalo won his second gold medal of the Games by setting a new world record in the men's 200-meter individual medley blind class.

After the final, Chufalou expressed his joy, saying, "This is my favorite event and I have swam in my career, so I definitely wanted to win, so I am very happy."

On the second day of the Games, Chufalow set a new world record in the men's 2-meter butterfly and visually impaired class, beating Tokyo Paralympic gold medalist Keiichi Kimura and silver medalist Cosmo Tomita in this event.

Regarding Chuffalo, who could become a major obstacle for the Japan team in the future, Kimura said, "I think we have created one high wall and I want to do my best to catch up with him," and Tomita also praised him, saying, "His attitude towards competition and his attitude towards patriotism is a player I can really respect."

Chufalou said: "I'm very happy to have such a great and respectable rival, and I have a lot of respect for them and I'm happy to be able to respect them."

After the final of the 2-meter butterfly, he said: "There is a war going on in my country right now, and I hope this medal will support my country. The fact that I am here now is very important for people to know about my country," said Chufalou.

From the 1th, she will compete in the 100-meter freestyle, 1-meter backstroke and 100-meter freestyle.

Tomita: "Apart from the ranking, I'm disappointed"

Tomita reflected on his fifth place finish in the men's 200-meter individual medley, saying, "Apart from the ranking, I was disappointed that I couldn't swim in the time I wanted.

Regarding Ukraine's Danilo Chuffalo setting a world record and winning his second gold medal at this Games, he said, "To be honest, I can't guess based on the rankings because athletes with different abilities suddenly appear due to class changes," and "Yesterday I also said that I want to win a gold medal for my country. He is a player I really respect for his attitude towards the sport and his patriotic attitude."

Looking ahead to the next 5-meter freestyle, he expressed his enthusiasm, saying, "It's only one event left, so I have no choice but to do what I can to make the most of today Japan's reflections.

TANAKA Eigo: "Hinata's presence is huge"

Eigo Tanaka commented on his rival Kaede Hinata's Japan record in the qualifying round of the men's 200-meter individual medley motor dysfunction class, saying, "I usually couldn't speed up because I got hit in the last freestyle, but today I was able to show my strength at the end.

Regarding Hinata's presence, he said, "When there are people nearby who are about the same age and can swim at the same time, we can swim with the feeling that we will not lose, so our presence is huge."

After finishing all the events in which he participated in his first World Championships, Tanaka was enthusiastic about next year's Paris Paralympics, saying, "I don't think I'm in the eyes of the top Chinese athletes yet, but I want to do my best to be a challenge by next year in Paris."

Yui Maori: "I'm disappointed that I couldn't break my personal best"

Maori Yui, who placed sixth in the women's 200-meter individual medley and motor dysfunction class, reflected, "I wanted to break my personal best in the event of No. 6, but I was very disappointed that I couldn't do it." In addition, based on the fact that the Chinese athletes dominated the top three, he said, "Last year's World Championship did not feature Chinese players, but since it was the year before Paris, they showed their strength by participating in the tournament, and we will do our best to win next year in Paris."

ONO Chikako: "I'm happy to have cleared my goal"

Chikako Ono reflected on her time of 3:8.30, saying, "One of my goals was to break the 3:10 mark, so I'm honestly happy that I was able to clear that.

Ahead of the 1-meter freestyle on the 4th, he said, "I want to keep my composure like the last freestyle today, and do my best to attack well from the first half."