Amanda Ilestedt played big in the group stage match against Italy. The defender had a big advantage against the Italians in the goal area and nodded in both 1-0 and 4-0 on corners, which means that she now goes up in joint lead in the top scorer's league. SVT's expert Hanna Marklund is impressed by the 30-year-old's effort.

"That joy, you laugh about it. It's almost like they don't think it's true to score so many goals. But it's beautiful," she says, smiling at the Swedes' joy over 4-0.

The Italians marked Ilestedt and tried to make it difficult for the Swede, who still managed to be first on the ball.

"Italy know that Ilestedt is good, they know that even before the game. You are two close, in front, behind and trying to make it difficult for her. But she has the length, the strength and good timing where she can go up and still score. Then it's hard for Italy when you think you still have two players on her, says Marklund.

Hanna Marklund is also impressed by Jonna Andersson's corners, which paved the way for both of Ilestedt's goals.

"You get impressed with this precision. It is on the millimeter that she puts it where it should and yet with so much speed.

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