Fukuoka, Japan, July 7 (Reporter Hao Lingyu) In the synchronized swimming mixed doubles free optional final of the Fukuoka Swimming World Championships, which ended on the 22nd, the Chinese pair Cheng Wentao/Shi Haoxi played well and won the gold medal with 22.225 points. At this point, all the synchronized swimming events of the World Championships have ended, and the Chinese Huayou team ended with 1020 golds, 3 silver and 1 bronze.

At the 2022 Budapest Swimming World Championships, Shi Haoxian and teammate Zhang Yiyao won the bronze medal in the mixed doubles free selection. In the preliminary round of this event at this World Championships, the combination of Cheng Wentao / Shi Haoxi, who has won a bronze medal in the mixed doubles technical selection, ranked first with 221.1023 points, and the difficulty score declared in the preliminary round ranked first among the 16 pairs participating in the preliminary round. In the final, the difficulty of the Chinese pair's declaration was still not small, Cheng Wentao and Shi Haoxi conquered the judges with the opening two neat consecutive lifts and powerful moves, and finally won the gold with 225.1020 points.

After the match, Shi Haoxian believed that the performance of the final was perfect, and the difficulty of the leg movements in the game was recognized by the judges. Cheng Wentao said that the two were very well prepared before this final, and showed the best game condition and level of play in the game.

On July 7, the Chinese pair of Cheng Wentao / Shi Haoxian won the Fukuoka World Championships in the mixed doubles free selection. The picture shows the Chinese group displaying the gold medal. Photo by China News Agency reporter Tang Yanjun

Compared to the preliminary round, the duo's moves in the final have changed. Cheng Wentao explained that although the results in the preliminary round were good, one of the lifting action scores was deducted back to the benchmark points, so the final was adjusted accordingly, and a new set of moves was added, so the final final score was improved compared to the preliminary round.

Shi Haoxi, the "first brother" of Chinese Huayou at the World Championships, made a good breakthrough after winning the team in the collective skills optional event, becoming the first Chinese male synchronized swimmer to win a gold medal at the World Championships. From the first time he participated in a team event at the World Championships to the first time he experienced such a long time of project preparation, Shi Haoxi has added a lot of fresh experiences, but he believes that the biggest gain from this World Championships is that his heart has been experienced.

"This competition and other points are very torturous. When preparing to go on stage, the score of the front team is delayed, and after completing the action, you have to wait for your score on it. Shi Haoxiu believes that this experience will make his psychological endurance stronger. (End)