Beijing, July 7 (ZXS) -- On the morning of July 19, Beijing time, the 19 Snooker Champions League (ranking match) ended the second matchday of the second phase, and the three Chinese players who played on that day were all defeated, and no one advanced to the round of eight.

The Champions League, which is being played in the UK, is the first ranking tournament of the new snooker season, and the competition is divided into 3 stages: the 128 players in the first stage are divided into 32 groups for a single round-robin, and the first in each group advances to the round of 32; The 32 players in the second stage were divided into 8 groups, and the first in each group advanced to the round of eight; The eight players in the third stage were divided into two groups, with the top of the group advancing to the final.

A total of 19 Chinese players appeared in the first stage of the tournament (Chinese billiards "brother" Ding Junhui did not register), of which 7 advanced to the round of 32. On the second match day of the second stage, Si Jiahui and Pang Junxu, who were also in Group H, and Liu Hongyu from Group C, played on the same day, and the results stopped in the second stage.

In Group H, the top 16 (world top 16) Milkins is the favourites to qualify, but in the first two group games, Scarlett Hui, who just celebrated his 21st birthday, was equal to Milkins (both 1 win and 1 draw): in the first match, Si Jia Hui won the "China Derby" with Pang Junxu 3-1, and Milkins beat England's Astley 3-0; The two drew 2:2 in the second battle.

In the final battle to decide "life and death", Si Jiahui, as the biggest "dark horse" of this year's World Snooker Championship, unexpectedly lost to Astley 1:3. Although Milkins was forced to a draw by Pang Junxu in the final match, he still advanced to the last eight with 1 win, 2 draws and top of the group. Si Jia Fai finished second in the group by 8 point, and Pang Junxu drew 1 and lost 2 to the bottom of the group.

In Group C, Liu Hongyu, who reached the round of 32 in the first stage, failed to continue his "dark horse" journey. The 19-year-old recruit playing professionally for the first time is second in the group with one win, one draw and one defeat, but unfortunately is out. Thailand's Sankham, who has won 1 wins and 1 draw, advanced to the last eight.

On the first day of the second stage, the top 16 Mark Williams was not old, sweeping his opponents 3-3 in Group F to advance to the last eight. However, in Group E, another top 0 player, Kyren Wilson, unexpectedly "overturned", finishing second in the group with 8 wins and 16 loss. Britain's Chris Wakelin finished first in the group with 2 wins and 1 draw, grabbing another place in the last eight of the day.

At this point, the 2023 Snooker Champions League (Ranking Tournament) has completed the second phase of the 4 group stages, and the corresponding 4 places to advance to the round of 8 have also been generated.

On the next match day, Chinese players Zhou Yuelong and Xiao Guodong, who are also in Group A, will both appear. Of the eight groups in the second stage, Group A is relatively weak overall, and the "double insurance" of Zhou Yuelong and Xiao Guodong is considered most likely to occupy a top 8 spot for the Chinese legion. (End)