On the 10th day of the sumo tournament in Nagoya, two of the three sekiwaki contestants challenging for the Ozeki promotion, Toyo Shoryu with one loss and Wakamotoharu with two losses, were defeated and could not improve their victory. On the other hand, Nishikiki and Kitakatsu Fuji, who had both suffered one loss, both won, and the two players in the Nagoya tournament lined up at the top after the midfield match.

Toyo Shoryu, who had one defeat to challenge for Ozeki promotion, faced Koyui Kotonowaka on the 1th day.

In the past matches, they had a big win of 10 wins and 10 loss, but when they were allowed to lose their opponents from the stands, they persevered on the edge of the arena but were pushed out in the end and lost, and fell back to 1 losses.

In addition, Wakamotoharu faced Abu Saki in the flat curtain, and was attacked from the stands, losing by pushout, and suffered his third defeat.

Along with Toyo Shoryu and Wakamotoharu, Sekiwaki Daieisho was promoted to ōzeki and defended his two losses by thrusting into the Hirado Sea in the flat curtain.

In addition, Nishikiki faced Akio of the two Hiraku who were lined up with one loss along with Hoshoryu at the end of the ninth day, and although he allowed a brat, he attacked back with his heavy waist and won by leaning closer.

Kitakatsu Fuji also beat the 2-year-old Tamawashi to win, so the Nagoya venue ended the midfield match and the two Hiramatsu of Nishikiki and Kitakatsu Fuji tied for the top spot with one loss.

Nagoya location Results of all efforts in the makuuchi

It is a victory or defeat after entering the middle.
▽ New inductee Shonan Nokai is the seventh win for Shonan Nokai with a "good throw". Warlord Mountain was defeated.
▽ Mt. Gonoyama, a new entry to Takarafuji, is "close-up".
▽ Koto Katsumine and Hekiyama won by "Hatakin".
▽ Endo and Chiyo Shoma won by Endo "pushing".
▽ New inductee Bo Oh Peng and Koto Eguang won their seventh victory with Bo Oh Peng "pushing".
▽ Myogiryu ni Ryuden is Ryuden "small hand throw". Ryuden has won six in a row after four consecutive losses.
▽ As a result of Takashi's victory over Daxiang Peng, Takashi's victory is "close-up".
▽ The sea of Sada to Kensho is "scoop throwing" by Kensho. The sea of Sada is a loser.
▽ Mt. Kinpu and Takayasu are "pushed out" by Mt. Jinfeng.
▽ Kitakatsu Fuji defended one loss by Kitakatsu Fuji "pushing down".
▽ Nishikifuji to Wang Peng is "sticking out" Nishikifuji.
▽ In Bei Qingpeng, Masayo is a misassignment of the Gyoji army and Shodai is "close".
▽ Nishikiki defended one defeat by Nishikiki "leaning over".
▽ Suifuji to Shomonkey is "extrused" by Suifuji.
▽ Ontake Sea to Aflame is Ontake Sea is "close".
▽ Wakamotoharu Abu Saki is "pushed out" by Abusaki. Wakamotoharu suffered his third defeat.
▽ Daieisho and Hirado Kai won by Daieisho "shove".
▽ Kotonowaka ni Hoshoryu won by Kotonowaka by "extrusion". Feng Shenglong fell back to two losses.
▽ Shin-ōzeki Kirishima and Ura won Kirishima by "close cut". Kirishima has 7 wins, 7 losses and 4 days off.