On the eighth day of the sumo tournament in Nagoya, Toyo Sekiwaki, who is challenging for Ozeki promotion, defended his first loss by defeating Ura in the flat curtain.

On the 8th, the eighth day of Chunichi, Nagoya saw Sekiwaki Toyo Shoryu, who had one defeat challenging for Ozeki promotion, face Ura, the fourth maegashira player.

Hoshoryu won the match by striking in Ura, who had been attacking with a low stance from the stands, at the right time, and defended his first loss.

Of the three hiramatsu players with one loss, Higashi-maegashira leader Nishikiki defeated Nishi-maegashira leader Shomonkey for the first time, leaving him one win away from winning.

Kitakatsufuji, who also had one loss, defeated Takayasu in a sumo match, while Tamawashi lost to Takashi and retreated to two losses.

As a result, Hoshoryu, Nishikiki, and Kitakatsu Fuji are tied for the top spot with one loss.

Of the two losses in the Sekiwaki team, Wakamotoharu won by bringing it to the left four, which is his best at Kotonowaka, and Daieisho received a bye due to the suspension of his opponent Asanoyama.

In addition, Ozeki Kirishima's best match against Suifuji was a "turn-waiting" in which Gyoji interrupted the match in order to tighten the wrestler's loose turn, and after the restart, he lost to Suifuji, who showed reluctance.

Win or loss after going inside

▽ Ryūden won by "Leaning Off" to Ten Yamamoto.

▽ Dashang Peng on Bi Mountain, Daxiang Peng "pushes out".

▽ In Shonan Nokai, Bo Oh Peng won the first place among the new inductees with a "close cut".

▽ Koto Katsumine ni Endo is "took" by Endo.

▽ Koto Emitsu to Takarafuji, Takarafuji "pushes down".

▽ Kensho ni Warsho Mountain, Kensho "Hit" it.

▽ Chiyo Shoma ni Kinpuzan is "poor throwing" by Chiyo Shoma.

▽ Myogiryu ni Gonoyama is "pushed out" by Myogiryu.

▽ Kitakatsu Fuji and Takayasu won their seventh victory after Kitakatsu Fuji won by "extrusion". We defended one loss.

▽ Takashi's victory in the jade eagle is "pushed out" by Takashi's victory. Jade Eagle is the second defeat.

▽ North Qingpeng in the sea of Sata is "bad throwing" by North Qingpeng.

▽ Nishikifuji and Hirado Sea are "extrusion" by Hirado Sea.

▽ Abu Saki ni Wang Peng, Wang Peng "pushes down".

▽ Ontake Sea is Akio, Akio is "close".

▽ Shomonkey and Nishikiki won their seventh victory with Nishikiki winning by "extrusion".

▽ Masayo to Aflame, Aflame "sticks out".

▽ Ura ni Hoshoryu won by "Hatakin".

▽ Wakamotoharu Kotonowaka is "leaning closer" by Wakamotoharu.

▽ Asanoyama was suspended from the 7th due to a left arm injury, and Daieisho received a bye to improve to 1 wins and 2 losses.

▽ Shin-ōzeki Kirishima ni Suifuji is Suifuji "poor throw". Kirishima is on a losing streak.