Angels manager Nevin revealed that Trout, who broke the hook bone in his left hand, underwent surgery on the 5th and was successful.

Trout, who had hit 2 home runs, second on the team behind Shohei Ohtani, hurt his left hand while swinging against the Padres on the 18rd, and tests revealed that he had fractured the hook bone in his left hand.

Trout was on the 3- to 4-day injured list, but Nevin revealed on the 10th that Trout underwent surgery and was successful.

Nevin said: "I just finished the surgery and I talked to the doctors and everything seems to have gone well, and I think Trout was relieved because surgery was the only way to heal this injury. He has already started treatment and rehabilitation and will return as soon as possible."

It is not clear when Trout will return, but batters who have undergone surgery to remove bone fragments broken by fractured hooks are often out for about one to two months, and it is expected that he will return after August at the earliest.

When asked if he would be able to return this season, Trout replied, "Of course," and indicated that he would rush to rehabilitate to help the team reach the playoffs for the first time in nine years since 5.

On the other hand, Rendon, who was substituted in the middle of the game on the 1th after hitting a self-hit ball to the knee, was not included in the starting lineup for the game on the 2th, but was not on the injured list, and Nevin said, "We'll see how it goes tonight and tomorrow to see if we need to be on the injured list." He seemed to be looking forward to an early return to the game against the Dodgers on the 8th before the All-Star break.