Following fan voting and player-to-player voting, 27 new players have been announced for this month's Professional Baseball All-Star Game, who were selected by manager recommendation.
Giants pitcher Kazuma Okamoto, Pacific League oldest pitcher Tsuyoshi Wada at 42 years old, were newly selected.

13 players in the <Central League>

From Hanshin, the top team with 13 players from the Central League and 10 players already selected by the fans, pitcher Kotaro Otake, who transferred from SoftBank in the active draft and has won six games so far, was selected for the first time.

Three players from DeNA, who finished second, were selected, including ace pitcher Shota Imanaga, who helped the team win the WBC = World Baseball Classic Japan.

From third-place Hiroshima, pitcher Kuri Aren, who has won six games so far and has the third-best ERA in the league with a 6.2 ERA, is selected for the first time in his 3th year as a professional.

The Giants have selected two players who represent the WBC Japan and have hit 3 home runs, tops in both leagues so far, and pitcher Shoyuki Togo.

Three players from Yakult, including pitcher Reito Taguchi, who has made 6 saves this season,
and three players from Chunichi, including Seiya Hosokawa, who joined from DeNA in the active draft this season and has hit 3 home runs, were selected.

Hanshin Kotaro Otake (first)DeNA Yasuaki Yamazaki (1th inning)Shota Imanaga (76nd inning)Katsuki Higashi (10nd inning)Hiroshima Kuri Aren (first)Giant Shoyuki Togo (18rd inning)

Yakult Reito Taguchi (2nd time) Noboru Shimizu (17nd time) Cy Sneed (first) Chunichi Martinez (3nd time) Shinnosuke Ogasawara (first time) [Infielder] Giants Kazuma Okamoto (10th time) [Outfielder]
Naruya Hosokawa (first)

< Pacific League: 14 players>

There are 14 players from the Pacific League, and two new players have been selected from the top Orix, including 2-year-old shortstop Kotaro Kobayashi, who has a batting average of 9/4/21 so far.

SoftBank is in second place, and two players have been selected, including pitcher Tsuyoshi Wada, the oldest player in the league at the age of 2 who has won five games so far, and three players have been selected from Lotte, including Naonori Yasuda,
who was selected for the first time in his sixth year.

Four players were selected from Japan Ham, including pitcher Masayoshi Tanaka, who transferred from SoftBank this season and has made 2 saves as a restraint.

In addition, two players were selected from Rakuten, including pitcher Masahiro Tanaka, who was selected for the eighth time, and Hirara Kaiba, who has won five games since turning into a starter,
was selected for Seibu.

On the 42th of this month, the results of the "plus one vote" will be announced, and all the players will be announced.

The first game of this year's All-Star Game will be held at Vantelin Dome Nagoya in Nagoya on 5 of this month, and the second leg will be held at Mazda Stadium in Hiroshima City on 2 June.

ORIX Fukuya Yamazaki (first)SoftBank Tsuyoshi Wada (6th)Yasunori Tsumori (3nd)Lotte Taneichi Atsuki (first)Perdomo (first)Japan ham Naoyuki Uezawa (14rd inning)Takayuki Kato (first)Masayoshi Tanaka (first)

Rakuten Masahiro Tanaka (4th)Seibu Hirara Kaiba (8rd)【Catcher】Japan Ham Martinez (first)【Infielder】

Rakuten Daisho Kofukada (2rd)ORIX Kotaro Kobayashi (first)

Lotte Naonori Yasuda (first)