Barcelona is facing a new crisis related to its relationship with French defender Samuel Umtiti, who ended his loan to Italian club Lecce and returned to the "Blaugrana", at a time that does not fall within the plans of coach Xavi Hernandez.

Barcelona seem to be suffering from the consequences of the policy of carrying over the problems and crises pursued by the administration of current President Juan Laporta in the past two years, one of which concerns Umtiti, who categorically refuses to leave before the end of his contract in 2026.

📁 Umtiti se rebajó un 10% el sueldo en 2022 y difirió la ficha de una temporada en cuatro para ayudar a generar 'fair play' y a inscribir a Ferran Torres

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— Mundo Deportivo (@mundodeportivo) June 28, 2023

Spanish newspaper Mundodeportivo reported that Umtiti rejected the idea of leaving Barcelona this summer, as it would cost him a lot of money, based on the last contract he signed in January 2022, just before his loan to Lecce.

Umtiti's contract was abruptly extended until the summer of 2026, with a significant reduction in his salary, to ensure Ferran Torres scored without violating Financial Fair Play rules.

Amtiti's previous contract expired in June, but Barcelona opted to extend his contract, even though he was out of Xavi's calculations, in order to solve the dilemma of registering Torres, while reducing his salary to follow the rules of financial fair play.

Under the contract, the French defender's salary was reduced by 10% of the total salary he would have received during the remaining year and a half of his previous contract, with 90% of his salary over 4.5 years in his new contract, instead of 1.5 years.

Agreement to extend Umtiti's contract until June 30, 2026, with a reduction in the salary that the Frenchman would have received for the remainder of his current contract. Under this agreement, the club will be able to register Ferran Torres in the lists of the Spanish Professional Football Association.

— FC Barcelona (@fcbarcelona_ara) January 10, 2022

According to "Mundo Deportivo", Barcelona seeks – despite the recent agreement – to find a formula that allows the departure of Umtiti before the end of his contract without any economic consequences, while the player rejects the idea of leaving, knowing that he will not have a place in the team.

Umtiti was in outstanding form last season with Lecce in Serie A, and several clubs are seeking his services, including his former team Lyon, and Besiktas, and Barcelona hope those offers will convince the player to agree to terminate his contract prematurely.