The U.S. Gymnastics Federation gave the good news on Wednesday. Simone Biles, with seven Olympic medals under her belt, is on the squad that will compete in the US Classic in Chicago on August 5.

The announcement means that the 26-year-old will now make a comeback after focusing on his mental health for the past two years. The last time she was in the spotlight was during the Tokyo Olympics in 2020 where she chose to forgo several events to highlight the issue of mental illness among athletes.

Turbulent times

In addition to focusing on his own mental health, Biles has also testified during his hiatus against former national team doctor Larry Nassar who sexually assaulted several top gymnasts.

"I am accusing Nassar and I am also accusing the whole system that enabled his abuse," Biles told the Senate.

ARCHIVE: Biles hailed by Biden after the 2021 Olympics:

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Joe Biden is impressed with Simone Biles' feat. Photo: TT Nyhetsbyrån