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While the TV rights of French football are about to be renegotiated, the possible departure of Kylian Mbappé from PSG worries the leaders of French clubs. In the absence of the Bondynois at PSG, Ligue 1, already orphaned by Lionel Messi, would lose a real locomotive.

Could a possible headlong rush of stars at PSG harm Ligue 1 as a whole? In any case, the leaders of the French clubs do not hide their concern about a possible departure of Kylian Mbappé from PSG this summer. On Monday evening, the Parisian star told the club, via a letter, that he does not wish to lift the option of an additional year in his contract that expires in 2024.


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A statement that makes the hypothesis of a departure this summer much more plausible. In parallel, the future of Neymar in the capital is also uncertain and Lionel Messi has already set sail for Inter Miami in the United States. All this while the TV rights of French football, whose money is then redistributed to the clubs, will soon be renegotiated.

"Always better to have a gondola head"

For Jean-Pierre Caillot, representative of Ligue 1 clubs, Kylian Mbappé represents a considerable asset for French football. "When you are lucky enough to have the best player in the world, who is French and who plays in our league, obviously we have to look very closely at what will happen in the coming weeks. It's obviously more chic, it's always better to have a gondola head. And God knows Kylian is wonderful for promoting our product."


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The standoff between the 24-year-old star and PSG comes at the worst time because the League hopes to upgrade the TV rights of its championship and reach one billion euros per season. The next call for tenders will be launched in two months for the period 2024-2028. And even if Kylian Mbappé ensures that he will indeed wear the PSG jersey next season, club presidents may bite their nails until August 31, the closing date of the transfer market.