The Japan National Football Team held an official training session ahead of their training match against El Salvador in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture on 15 September, and MITOMA Kaoru, who plays in the English Premier League, expressed his enthusiasm, saying, "It would be best if I could showcase my strengths and contribute to the victory."

The Japan National Football Team will play a warm-up match against El Salvador at Toyota Stadium in Aichi Prefecture on 15 September, aiming to win their first match since last year's World Cup.

The players held an official training session at the venue from the evening of the 14th, and in the first 15 minutes of the session, which was open to the media, MITOMA scored seven goals, the most in the history of an Japan player in the English Premier League, and ENDO Wataru, who will be in charge of the captaincy, relaxed as they ran and passed the ball around to make adjustments.

Mitoma said, "I am aware that there are fewer veteran players and I am aware that I will lead the way, and the competition for positions has begun, so my desire to get results in every match will not change.

Ryuya Morishita "I want to provide vertical propulsion"

Nagoya Grampus defender MORISHITA Ryuya, who was selected for the Japan national team for the first time, said, "I was nervous because it was my first time playing for the national team, but when I entered Toyota Stadium, my nervousness melted away and I felt that I was able to return to my usual self. We want to make the most of our home advantage and play our best."

Regarding the possibility of playing alongside Mitoma up front as a left-back, he was enthusiastic, saying, "It's been four years since I teamed up with Mitoma since the University Japan National Team, but Mitoma has told me to play with him without worrying about strangeness, so I want to show my ability to push vertically, which is my weapon."