The selection meeting for the Trampoline World Championships to be held in England this November was held in Tokyo, and 11-year-old Takashige Nishioka, who won the silver medal at the Ototoshi World Championships, was selected.

The Japan representatives for the World Championships are six men and six women, and the men's Kazu Ishikawa and Hikaru Mori of the women's team, who won the All Japan Age Championships in May, have already been decided, and the final selection meeting to determine the other representatives was held at the Yoyogi 6st Gymnasium in Shibuya, Tokyo on the 5th.

In the final of the selection meeting, which was held with eight men and eight women, Nishioka, who won the silver medal at the Ototoshi World Championships and scored a high score of 10.8 in the preliminary round on the 9th, participated.

Nishioka performed three of the ten jumps and four somersaults, and with his high, stable performance that he had been working on, he made no major mistakes, and scored a total of 60.930 in the qualifying round, earning him the first place to represent the world championships.

In the men's competition, Hayato Miyano, Ryosuke Sakai, Daisho Yamada

and Ryunosuke Fujita were also


On the other hand, in the women's competition
, ▽SATAKE Reina▽
▽TANAKA Kiko were decided.

The Trampoline World Championships will be held in the United Kingdom this November and will be held for a spot in the Paris Olympics.

Nishioka "Bullish for gold medal at Paris Olympics"

NISHIOKA Takanari reflected on the performance, saying, "I think we were able to take one step forward in aiming for next year's Paris Olympics, but compared to the qualifiers, we couldn't attack our minds and tried to play safely, so we couldn't show the sharpness of our skills."

Nishioka withdrew from last year's World Championships aiming for a gold medal due to a worsening left knee injury and returned after undergoing surgery.

For this year's World Championships, he was enthusiastic, saying, "Last year, I gave up my performance and was depressed, but I decided that I couldn't waste it, so I was able to change my mind and review my technique in the off-season.