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Many whistles sounded from the stands of Court Philippe-Chatrier at the beginning of the third set during the semifinal between Novak Djokovic and Carlos Alcaraz. In question, a service game offered by the referee to the Serb, while the Spaniard was being treated. A rule yet enshrined in the regulation...

Was Novak Djokovic favoured by refereeing in his semi-final at Roland Garros against Spain's Carlos Alcaraz? At the beginning of the third set, the Serb was offered a service game when it was not finished. After a contested point, the No. 1 blocked his leg and was forced to call the doctor on the court. A possible request but not without consequences...


Carlos Alcaraz stops the game and asks for a medical timeout.

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Victim of cramps

Victim of cramps, Carlos Alcaraz could not wait until the end of the game to seek medical help. The rules are clear, however, in case of medical joker requested before the end of a game, the player loses the entire game. A rule that the referee was keen to remind as the whistles began to fall from the stands of the Centre Court: "As medical treatment can only intervene at the change of side, Mr. Alcaraz concedes all the points and the game."

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Being a victim of cramps is considered a physical wear and tear injury and not a muscular one. If the second scenario had been retained, the world No. 1 would not have lost his service game and the match would have resumed at the stopped point. This fact of play allowed Novak Djokovic to break his opponent and lead 2-0. A psychological ascendancy that the Serb mastered perfectly since he then won the set 6-1 and the next also 6-1. The world number 3 thus offers himself a seventh final Porte d'Auteuil and will try to get his 23rd Grand Slam, a record in the history of tennis.