With two hours to go, 40 Tibetan children were already changing their clothes in the passage on the B2nd floor of the Workers' Stadium. They are all from the Yushu Prefecture Children's Welfare Institute, the oldest is 16 years old, and the youngest is 7 years old.


The left side of the Tibetan robe is large and the right placket is small, and the child must first put the big collar on the head, then tighten the belt, tie the knot, and then stick the head out, the robe body will naturally hang between the shin and knees, and a pocket is formed on the chest of the tunic.

This complicated procedure, even with the help of teachers or older siblings, takes about ten minutes.

The picture shows children wearing Tibetan clothes. Photo by Sun Zhongyi

In Beijing on June 6, the maximum temperature was 2 degrees Celsius, and even if the children took off their sleeves, they would still feel a little hot.

But they still carefully fastened their belts very tightly, and after putting them on, they had to turn around to see if they were neat and sharp enough, they didn't communicate much, their voices were low, and in the "new worker", a place known for its noise, the 40 children actually made people feel a kind of quiet.

That night, Beijing Guoan hosted Changchun Yatai. In this Chinese Super League match, these 40 children will step on the turf of the "new work" as special guests, and 6 of them will also play as caddies with the players.

Therefore, they came here early, dressed up carefully, and for a long time, very seriously put on the "costume" ...

They are trying to express two words, respect.

For the city of Beijing, for the "new work" venue, for the opportunity to attend this competition, for all this.


Beijing Guoan started the game a little absent-mindedly, and a low-level error was scored by Changchun Yatai in the 22nd minute.

The faces of the Yushu children in the stands were full of disappointment.

Later, Beijing Guoan won a tie, and the solemnity on the children's faces eased.

Later, Beijing Guoan took the lead, and they began to be happy again. Follow the rhythm of the "new work" and shout "national security, national security, Beijing national security".

It was their fourth day in Beijing. Earlier, the staff of China News Network took them to see the Bird's Nest, the Water Cube, and a performance at the National Centre for the Performing Arts. On Children's Day, they played a match between the "New Gongti" and Beijing Guoan U12-year-old players, which was the first time that the "New Gongti" welcomed a Tibetan children's "football team", and also held a Children's Day celebration at the China News Agency.

Although they have only been here for a few days, their enthusiasm for supporting Beijing is no less than that of the homegrown Beijing fans in the stadium.

The children's logic is simple, whoever is really good to me, I will be good to him, and I will support him from the heart.

Vote for me with wood peach, and repay it with Qiong Yao. There are two words in their cry: gratitude.

For the city that accepted them, to the people who accompanied them in Beijing, and to the young Guoan players who just met yesterday, I am grateful for all this.

Children inside the Beijing Workers Stadium. Photo by China News Agency reporter Tomita


Changchun Yatai had a goal blown off by the referee, and the visiting fans in the stands expressed their dissatisfaction with boos. Beijing Guoan quickly reversed to take the lead, and the home team's fans responded to the sentiment with louder boos.

The game of each for its own master, the oppression of the home team and the dignity of the away team, this is an irreconcilable contradiction.

The attitude of the needles on both sides towards Mai Mang, only in the opening scene, when the Yushu Tibetan children entered, magically achieved harmony. A video of Yushu teenagers was shown on a large screen in the stadium, and both the home and away fans stood up to cheer for the 40 Tibetan teenagers who had come from afar.

There was no disagreement between the home and away teams on their attitudes towards children's dreams, and Beijing and Changchun reached an agreement.

The most touching moment was the display of the names of 40 Tibetan children in Chinese and Tibetan on the circular LED screen of the "New Gongti".

Ojin Inzeng, Songbao, Tsering Dorje, Pubuangjiang, Ah Bin, Xili Tsering...

Behind every name is a child's dream about football, a dream about the future, every name deserves to be remembered, just as every dream deserves to be treated gently.

The stadium's circular LED screen displays the names of Tibetan children.

As the names were played around the field, home and away fans put aside their grudges for a while, as did those disappointed with Chinese football.

Children carefully dress up to show their respect. The Beijing Division of the Chinese Super League and the Beijing Guoan Club put their names on the big screen of the "New Gongti" and repaid respect with respect.

At that moment, people felt that "Chinese football that has temporarily encountered difficulties" still has a temperature.

We call this temperature: decency.

Children take a group photo inside the Beijing Workers Stadium. Photo by China News Agency reporter Tomita


The game was over, and some of the children were still excited, and some were already sleepy. The next day they also climbed the Great Wall and then returned to Yushu on June 6.

The 5-day itinerary flickered by, and they will surely remember many details of this Children's Day.

But there must be something they won't know.

For example, in the past few days, dozens of reporters, editors and staff members of the China News Agency have been arranging their living trips and recording their moments; Dozens of media from home and abroad are closely watching each of their trips; The college student volunteers of the Central University for Nationalities organized children to visit despite the high temperature and scorching sun, and the snacks that the children ate at school were actually bought for them by the volunteers at their own expense; Liu Yuanyuan, a famous singer of the National Song and Dance Troupe, knew that the children were coming, carefully prepared, and taught them sign language on the spot; Pan Yue, director of the State Ethnic Affairs Commission, personally acted as a "docent" for them at the Chinese National Community Experience Hall; Wang Lei, deputy director of the Youth and Youth Department of the General Administration of Sports, coordinated their trip smoothly; China Soong Ching Ling Foundation, China Super League, Sinobo Group, Sinobo Industrial Body, Beijing Guoan, Insight Company, Card Game Animation... There are many others, and every walk of the children touches them.

There is really no need for children to know these things, just as we can't bring all the Yushu children to Beijing for the festival, and we can't bring all the football teenagers who want to play football into the "new work".

The reason why we devote ourselves to doing such a thing is not only for the 40 children in Yushu, but most importantly, for you who are reading this manuscript in front of the screen.

We have walked through thousands of mountains and rivers, condensed into more than two thousand words, just to let you know one thing: every small dream is worth our full dedication.

If you understand this, I hope you will also do your part to help those small dreams become reality. If you do, then all our efforts this time will be worth it.