Durban, May 5 (Reporter Wang Xi) On the evening of May 26, local time in South Africa, in the mixed doubles semifinals of the 5 Durban World Table Tennis Championships, the young team of the Chinese team, Lin Shidong and Qu Man, lost a good game in the duel with Japanese strong players Zhang Benzhihe and Hina Hayada. The two were defeated by their opponents in three consecutive cities after winning one game first, and suffered the first external defeat of the Chinese team in this World Table Tennis Championships.

In the opening period, the young Chinese pair entered the form quickly and took advantage of the opponent's high number of mistakes to get off to a 11-7 start. The backward Japanese team then stepped up their attack, frequently adopting fighting tactics, and the Chinese teenager exposed the problem of inexperience in the competition, which seemed to be inadequate, and the quality of the serve also decreased significantly, and soon lost three consecutive games 6:11, 7:11, 6:11, and lost the game 1:3 on aggregate.

After the game, Lin Shidong and Qu Man could not hide their disappointment, and their disappointment was overflowing, and they immediately reviewed the game with the head coach for a long time. Lin Shidong believes that the overall performance and hard work of him and his teammates in the game are acceptable, but under the suppression of the opponent's fierce playing style, their on-the-spot response is still too conservative, and the implementation of techniques and tactics is not firm enough. Quang Man believes that there was a problem with his receiving serve, which caused Lin Shidong to be under great pressure and then in the game.

With this loss, the young pair also bid farewell to the journey of this World Table Tennis Championships. Kuman said that although the results did not meet expectations, she and her teammates still gained a lot of valuable experience in the competition. Lin Shidong believes that the process of this World Table Tennis Championships is extremely important for young players, and after the baptism of the competition, he and his teammates have grown a lot in all aspects.

Rival Tomokazu Chang also praised the young pair. 'They're also at a high level and they won't have any difficulty playing in the top four, they've won a couple of races in a row and both of them will definitely be our opponents in the future.'

Zhang said that the final opponents are likely to be Wang Chuqin and Sun Yingsha, and although the previous record is not superior, he and his partner still hope to win the championship in the final. (End)