On the 13th day of the sumo summer tournament, Yokozuna Terunofuji, who is the sole leader with one loss, will face former Ozeki veteran Asanoyama, who is chasing him with two losses by one star.

On the 12th day of the summer tournament, on the 25th, Terunofuji defended his first loss by defeating Wakamotoharu of Shinsekiwaki in the first round, while Asanoyama lost to Daieisho Sekiwaki and retreated to two losses.

As a result, Terunofuji took the sole lead with one loss, while Asanoyama and Sekiwaki Kirimayama trailed with two losses of one star.

On the 1th day, on the 2th, a match between Terunofuji and Asanoyama was set up at the first conclusion.

The two have played against each other since Ototoshi no Haruji, with Terunofuji at Sekiwaki and Asanoyama at Ozeki.

Terunofuji's past record is winning all five matches.

Both are good at the right four, but if Terunofuji can get a good hand, the advantage will not move.

On the other hand, Asanoyama will be able to hit hard from a low stance in the presence that he has been conscious of when returning to the makuuchi, and then attack at once and bring it to a development that does not allow the yokozuna to take the turn.

In addition, Sekiwaki Kirimayama, who chases Terunofuji with two losses by one star, is the first to meet Kita Seiho in the flat curtain.

Kirimayama, who is now challenging for the promotion of Ozeki, scored his 1th victory on the 1th, and the total of the winning stars of the last three places he played as a trio reached "2", which is considered to be a guideline for Ozeki promotion.

As the place progresses, he regains a strong stance, and even a 13-year-old growth stock over 26 meters tall will have a chance to win if he hits hard in the presence and then shows good movement and makes a turn.

Bei Qingpeng, on the other hand, wants to stop the ball firmly and take the upper hand of the right hand, which is his specialty, and apply pressure to attack.