84 percent of the Allsvenskan referees who responded to SVT Sport's survey want to see the introduction of the video review system VAR in Allsvenskan.

As many as 92 percent answered that the lack of VAR in Sweden affects their ability to referee internationally.

"Takes away the feeling itself"

But opposition to the system is compact in the Swedish supporter movement, says Isak Edén, who is chairman of SFSU.

"There's a lot of argment to it, but basically it's about it taking away the feeling and the experience itself," he says, elaborating:

"For example, we have the goal cheering that subsides, you can't celebrate in the same way, that's the core of it all. Then there are also a lot of other problems such as it takes away the feeling from the sport, and it is emotions that have made Allsvenskan and football the sport and the experience that it is.

"Don't want worse judges"

In SVT Sport's survey, 76 percent answered that the quality of referees in Allsvenskan will be negatively affected if VAR is not introduced, as fewer will want to invest in the refereeing profession.

But if the elite clubs decide, there will be no VAR introduction in the near future. 18 of the clubs in Allsvenskan and Superettan have, largely because the supporters have mobilized, made the annual meeting decision to work against the introduction of VAR. No club has made the decision to work towards an introduction.

– We believe that the opinions of members and supporters should be respected, says Edén, who does not believe that the quality of the referees is negatively affected by this:

"We supporters don't want worse referees. But there are a lot of other ways you can get better referees and better opportunities. And I don't know if you become a better referee because you have the results in the meantime, there are better ways to learn to make more accurate judgments and it could just as easily be a competitive advantage if you become a better referee without VAR.

What do you think it would take for supporters to change their minds?

"As it looks today, there is probably nothing.