The All Japan Judo Championships were held, and Tokyo Olympic gold medalist Wolf Aron won the men's 100-kilogram class for the third time.

The All Japan Judo Championships were held in Fukuoka City from 4 to 1 April. Although the representatives of the individual competition at the World Championships next month did not participate, the tournament involved the selection of future international competitions and the matches were held in seven weight classes for men and women on the 2nd.

In the men's 2-kilogram class, Tokyo Olympic gold medalist Wolf competed, and although the first round was tangled up until extra time, in the semi-finals, he took away a technique just before the end of the match to advance to the final.

In the final, he faced Kaito Green Kalani, a fourth-year university student, and Wolf had a tough time receiving two coaches first. Even so, about one minute into extra time, Wolf stole the technique with Ouchi Kari to win the championship for the third time.

Wolff said, "I thought that whether or not I won here would determine whether or not I could qualify for the Paris Olympics, so I entered the match with the belief that if we didn't win, we wouldn't win a second consecutive title.

In addition, ▽ Takeki Tashima won the men's 2 kg class for the first time by defeating Rio de Janeiro Olympic gold medalist Maaki Baker, ▽ Akimasa Ota won the men's over 90 kg class, ▽ Momo Tachikawa won the women's 100 kg class,

▽ In the women's 63 kg class, Moeka Kuwagata won her first title.

In the women's 70-kilogram class,
Rika Takayama won the championship for the first time in two years.
▽ In the women's class over 78 kg, Wakaharu Tomita won her third consecutive title.