The All Japan Judo Championships in the weight category began, and Tsukasa Yoshida, the bronze medalist in the women's 57-kilogram class at the Tokyo Olympics, finished second after losing in the final.

The All Japan Judo Championships will be held in Fukuoka City on April 4 and 1.

Although no representatives have participated in the individual competition at the World Championships to be held next month, the tournament is related to the selection of future international competitions, and on the first day, there were seven weight classes for men and women.

In the women's 2-kilogram class, Tokyo Olympic bronze medalist Yoshida won the first round, semifinals, and overtime, but advanced to the final and face Kimi Takano.

Yoshida showed an attacking attitude, but when the match went into extra time, Takano, who did not let up his attack, gradually drew the momentum.

Four minutes later, Yoshida received the third coaching and lost the foul, and Takano won the championship for the first time.

Yoshida said, "After the Olympics, I was hesitant and trained in a difficult situation.

Takano said, "As a result of working hard and playing through aggressive judo, we were able to finish in a good way this time."

In addition, in the men's 1 kg, Taiki Nakamura,
a third-year university student.

▽ In the men's 7-kilometer race, Yasuhiro Fujisaka placed second in the Ototoshi Games.

▽ In the men's 57 kg, Itsuki Ishihara is a fourth-year university student.

▽ In the men's 1-kilometer race, Yuhei Ohno, a fourth-year university student, won both races for the first time.

▽ 4-year-old Tomoka Arakawa won the women's 3 kg race
▽ In the women's 60 kg, Hibiki Shiraishi, a fourth-year university student, won
her second consecutive title.