"Now you haven't played in a while, so it's clear that everything won't be perfect in this match," Nannskog said.

Due to injuries, there seem to be some surprises in Sweden's starting eleven

- Yes, definitely. At right-back Linus Wahlqvist, we are not used to seeing in this national team. And Svanberg out on the right in midfield. He's normally a central midfielder. And then Hjalmar Ekdal, who I think will play Nilsson Lindelöf as a centre-back.

What does it mean if a cold Albin Ekdal misses the match?

"He would have needed, a leader out on the pitch, a defensive anchor.

What do you say about the resistance then?

" A small new building but at the same time a new start with a new coach. But what players they have... It abounds with stars. It will really be a tough task for Sweden.