Today, the 5th Dream Lily Cup World Go Open China Qualifier in Rugao, this open qualifier is self-funded participation, no game fee, but this large-scale, high-intensity competition opportunity is very worth cherishing, many chess players have signed up, tattoo sit calmly talk.

The way to improve your chess skills is naturally to participate in chess tournaments. In the highly competitive and even brutal professional chess world, everyone understands the truth that if you don't advance, you will retreat. This is also why, when the 96-year-old Sugouchi Shouko Yadan set a new record for the oldest professional chess player to win, he received unanimous respect from his peers.

Shouko Sugouchi is no stranger to the Chinese Go world. Her late husband, Masao Sugouchi, Kudan is an old acquaintance and friend of Chinese Go, and has served as the head of the Japanese Go delegation to China many times, uniting the deep relationship between China and Japan. Masao Sugouchi defeated Masaki Takemiya Kudan at the age of 88, setting a record for the oldest victory in chess. Now, his wife, also a professional chess player, Sugouchi Toshiko has inherited her husband's legacy and raised this record by another 8 years. In November 2017, Masao Sugouchi died of illness at the age of 11. Sugouchi said, "My husband will also be an active chess player until the end of his life, and I think I must do my best to play it. (Because) in the face of the charm of Go, you can't feel the difference in age. "In the 97th Ikari Holy War Qualifiers in Japan, Sugouchi Shouko Zhihei defeated the male chess player Ryutaro Miyazaki Shichidan (see picture above right) by 49 and a half eyes, many chess players and people in the Go world forwarded this news, in fact, it also expressed the respect of all chess players for Go itself - Suginouchi, a great-grandmother, can still insist on sitting at the chess table and meticulously going to the game, at this moment, is there a more suitable way to pay tribute than quickly picking up the chess pieces and tapping the chessboard?

In addition to paying tribute, it is more important to be self-motivated. Turning the attention back to the competition in the professional chess world, China's Go opponents are working hard to improve their strength. According to incomplete statistics, in 2022, Shin Jinjin Kudan, the number one in South Korea's ranking, played 93 games of chess in the official tournament, winning the men's most wins and winning percentage award with 79 wins and 14 losses (84.95%), while winning the men's winning streak with 18 consecutive wins (March 3-May 24).

On the Chinese chess player's side, the largest number of graded matches in 2022 is Wei Yuting Jiudan, with a total of 64 games and a win rate of 54.69%; It was followed by Li Xuanhao Jiudan and Fan Tingyu Jiudan, both with 50 rounds. Ke Jie Kudan, who maintained the first ranking score last year, played a total of 47 games, with a win rate of 57.45%.

During the epidemic, the number of games played by Chinese chess players has been greatly affected. Yang Kaiwen Jiudan, the main player of Weijia, revealed that he only played 2020 games of chess in 15, "What a spicy number for a chess player who is playing in the year." "Going into 2023, the number of games played by chess players is returning to normal. According to the tournament plan announced by the Chinese Go Association, there will be 144 tournaments this year, including 28 professional tournaments. The just-concluded Qiqi Cup and the Dream Lily Cup, which started today, both provide players with more opportunities to play in the open qualifiers, and other tournaments will resume face-to-face chess in the future.

In the era of artificial intelligence, the level of chess players is closer than ever, and in a tournament, the top 60 chess players in the domestic ranking have a chance to compete for the championship. Since technology is no longer inscrutable in the face of AI, the only way to improve chess power is to participate more and cultivate a sense of chess.

One hundred chess, I only know seven. Lee Chang-ho Kudan, once the first professional chess player, failed to pass this year's domestic selection, saying goodbye to the Korean league that he has never stopped participating in for 19 years, but in South Korea's new YK Construction Cup, the 48-year-old still plays with vigorous spirit, without the slightest meaning of "fading out". In contrast, don't champions in their twenties and thirties have higher goals to pursue? Listen to Shouko Sugouchi's testimonial: "Go is an art in the minds of our older generation of players, and no game is the same, and no entertainment is more interesting than it. Playing chess can express your mood as much as you want, but it's just as important to gain insight into the other person's psychology. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to play with change freely while playing chess?! ”

I hope that the fun of Go can be discovered by more players and enjoyed for a long time.

(Xinmin Evening News Chief Reporter Jin Lei)