On the 10th day of the sumo spring tournament, Suifuji, who had been the only player to win so far, defeated Koyui and Shomonkey to win 1 consecutive matches from the first day and defend the sole leader.

It is a victory or defeat after entering the middle.

▽ Mito Ryu to the ten East White Dragons is Mito Ryu "leans in".

▽ Wang Peng ni Hui Hui "withdraws".

▽ The new samurai mountain in Takarafuji is "pushed down" by Takarafuji.

▽ Takashi's victory is Kensho is "close-up".

▽ Chiyo Shoma and Myogiryu are one win away from Chiyo Shoma winning with "Hatakimi".

▽ Dai Xiang Peng won against Nishikifuji by "extrusion".

▽ Koto Emitsu in the Hirado Sea is "close" to the Hirado Sea.

▽ Yamamoto to Dongryu won by "Hatakimori" and is now the first white star.

▽ Ura new inductee Bei Qingpeng is "close-up" by North Qingpeng.

▽ Kitakatsu Fuji to Hekiyama won by "extrusion".

▽ Kinpusan, a new inductee to Gaoan, won his seventh victory by "pushing" Kinpusan with "extrusion".

▽ Nishikiki ni Sada no Umi is Sada no Umi "scoop throw". Nishikiki is a loser.

▽ Ryūden ni Jade Eagle is "pushed out" by Jade Eagle.

▽ In the Shodai, Endo decided to win with Endo "scoop throw".

▽ Wakamotoharu is "close-up" to Akio.

Suifuji won with a rare "crack" to extend his winning streak from day one to the sole leader.

▽ Kotonowaka ni Aita won by Kotonowaka with "push down".

▽ In the Ontake Sea, Mount Kirima is "closed" by Mount Kirima.

▽ Hoshoryu ni Daieisho is "leaning in" by Hoshoryu. Daeisho fell back to two losses.

▽ Koto Katsumine and Wakataka Kage are "pushed out" by Koto Katsumine.

At the end of the 1th day of Haruji, Suifuji defended the sole lead with 7 consecutive wins, followed by Kotonowaka, Daieisho and Endo, who lost two by two stars.

The first "identification" in 11 years

Hiramatsu Suifuji's routine "cracking" is the first time in 24 years since the Kyushu location in Heisei 11 in makuuchi.

"Splitting" is a rare technique in which you force your opponent to break up in fours and strongly attract your opponent's turn with your good or bad hand, and then grab your opponent's upper arm with your other hand to get it out of the arena. It was called because the bodies of the wrestlers separated as if they were split.

After the initiative, Suifuji said, "I'm happy to hear that it's been many years, but it's not that I'm aiming for it, but I wonder if it happened because of a reaction without permission."

He was enthusiastic towards the final match, saying, "I didn't think I could win like this, so I'm thinking, 'Oh,' and I hope we can keep winning like this."

Discourse of a sumo wrestler

The 19-year-old Ochiai of the Shinjuryō took on a powerful sumo match with 20-year-old Atami Fuji, but suffered his second defeat by shove.

Ochiai said calmly, "It's frustrating that we lost, but we've already switched to tomorrow, and we'll just do what we have to do tomorrow."

On the other hand, Atami Fuji, who won the match between the young players, said, "It was really dangerous, but I'm happy to win, and I will do my best not to focus on winning the match."

Takarafuji won his third makuuchi marital tournament on the 2st, beating new inductee Samuraiyama.

"I think it's a great record, and I hope I can do my best," he said.

New inductee Kita Seiho scored his sixth victory over Ura from Osaka.

Bei Qingpeng said, "I was thinking of attacking slowly and slowly, and I will take the turn and attack tomorrow."

In addition, regarding Ochiai, who serves as his attendant, he said, "I lost to my juniors by a white star, so I want to win as soon as possible."

Kinpuzan, another newcomer, defeated Takayasu, who had two losses, to win his seventh victory, saying, "It doesn't matter if you win or lose, I was determined to get a good sumo wrestler, and I want to do my best to avoid injury."

Endo was pushed by the Ozeki veteran Shoyo, but won with a scoop throw to the edge of the ring to win the match.

Endo said quietly, "My body has moved well, and I will only think about sumo from tomorrow onwards."

Koyui and Wakamotoharu won their seventh victory by beating Akio with their favorite left four, saying, "I think I've done my best sumo, but I want to keep my guard down because there are some areas where I am lacking in key areas."

Koyui and Kotonowaka pushed Aita down to win the match, saying, "I've been able to win sumo wrestling with composure from the beginning and showing my strengths.

Sekiwaki and Toyo Shoryu won against Koyui and Daieisho with one loss, saying, "I think it's good because I'm focused on the best, and I want to do my best without losing my mind."

After suffering his second defeat, Daieisho said, "I need to watch my opponent carefully, and I want to spend the day with even more concentration."

Koto Katsumine won his second victory by defeating Sekiwaki and Wakatakage in the first round of the knot, saying, "I went with the feeling that I had already lost and that I had nothing to lose, and I would like to continue to attack the rest of the sumo wrestling."