Pitcher Aki Sasaki of professional baseball Lotte entered the bullpen for the third time at a camp held in Ishigaki Island, Okinawa, and threw 40 balls to check the bending of the changing ball.

Lotte's pitcher Sasaki, who was the youngest player to complete a perfect game last season, entered the bullpen for the third time in this camp from the morning on the 7th, the first day of the second cool.

Pitcher Sasaki, who has been selected to represent Japan in the WBC = World Baseball Classic, which opens in March, is making adjustments using the official ball of the tournament, and on the 7th, he practiced pitching using the official ball. rice field.

In his bullpen practice, he threw 40 pitches, the fewest pitches in the camp, with people standing in the batter's box halfway through.

Pitcher Sasaki said about the WBC's official ball, "I feel that it is easier to get out than the Japanese ball and it is difficult to spin." was doing.

Pitcher Sasaki is scheduled to pitch in actual batting practice on the 9th, and if his adjustment goes smoothly, he may pitch in the practice game on February 15th.