It certainly hasn't gone Malmö's way in the SHL this season.

The losses have piled up, the team captain has been changed and there have been players in and out of the team.

And at home against Växjö, it looked as if the negative trend would continue after the puck was directed to their own player until 0-1 for the visitors.

But the Scanians rose.

Within 43 seconds at the beginning of the second period, Malmö had suddenly turned to 2-1.

Afterwards, 3-1 and 4-1 were also scored, with the former being a strange one.

Steered the puck in with his chin

Christoffer Forsberg steered the puck in - with his chin.

The goal was video reviewed but approved.

In the end it was a real overrun and Malmö won 7-2.

Watch Forsberg's 3-1 goal with his chin in the clip above.