Astrid Öyre Slind, 34, is a giant in long-distance running, last winter she won the Vasaloppet in record time.

On Sunday, the classic Marcialonga went to Ski Classics, but instead Astrid Öyre Slind, who won La Diagonela as recently as last weekend, drove the World Cup in Le Rousses.

- Marcialonga is one of the big long races that I haven't won yet, and that I really want to win, but it's WC season and it went so well at the Tour de Ski that I'm on the verge of riding a three-mile in the WC and then I thought I have to try, because it might be the only time in my life that I have the chance, she tells SVT Sport.

You were already told during the Tour de Ski that you were close to taking a place at the WC?

- Yes, but that I would have to go fast here to have any chance, there was no option to go to Marcialonga and get to the WC that way, so I needed to show that I wanted to go to the WC and now I think I'm in a good position to.

First podium in the World Cup – as a 34-year-old

Ebba Andersson won, but the fight for third place became a thriller where Öyre Slind sprinted away from compatriot Ingvild Flugstad Östberg, and took third place in the 20 kilometer race.

- For me, today is a big day.

- It's a great experience, she says.

She believed it, even before the race.

- I thought it could go, but you don't know before you stand at the start how the form and skis are, but during the race I thought it could be a good day.

"In the WC, the goal is a medal"

Öyre Slind has been the best Norwegian in the master races she has run in the World Cup this season.

Shouldn't it now be clear with the WC place?

- Yes, it should.

The goal at the WC must be a medal after a day like this, right?

- Yes, in the WC the goal is a medal, but there are a lot of people who are hungry for the medals and who are very good, so it is not obvious, but the goal and the dream is a medal in the WC.