Xinhua News Agency, Geneva, January 9th. The World Athletics Federation announced the track and field schedule of the 2024 Paris Olympic Games through its official website on the 9th. All 48 track and field gold medals will be produced in 11 competition days.

  The Paris Olympic track and field competition will start on August 1, 2024. On the first competition day, only men's and women's 20-kilometer race walking competitions will be held.

On the last competition day of August 11, the women's marathon gold medal will be determined.

A total of 5 gold medals in the race walking and marathon events were all produced in the morning local time, and the remaining 43 on-site events all produced gold medals in the evening competition period.

It is also worth mentioning that in addition to the 20 kilometers for men and women, race walking also includes a 35 kilometers mixed team event for men and women. This will be the first time this event has appeared in the Olympic Games.

  The World Athletics Federation announced in July 2022 that at the Paris Olympics, all track individual events with a distance between 200 meters and 1,500 meters will add a round of "resurrection".

In the preliminaries, players who did not directly advance to the semi-finals by virtue of their group rankings will compete for promotion places through the "resurrection match", instead of following the previous method-the fastest rankings determine the remaining promotion places.

The Paris Olympics will be the first time that the "resurrection" system of track and field events has been applied in the Olympic Games. The applicable events include men's and women's 200 meters, 400 meters, 800 meters, 1500 meters, men's and women's 400-meter hurdles, men's 110-meter hurdles and women's 100-meter hurdles.

  Last month, the World Athletics Federation announced the performance standards for the various track and field events of the Paris Olympics, which have been further improved compared with the standards for the various events of the Tokyo Olympics.

In addition to qualifying for the Olympics by meeting the performance standards, athletes can also accumulate points by participating in various competitions under the World Athletics Federation, and obtain corresponding Olympic qualifications by improving their world rankings.