In the past year, people felt the joy of sports and the strength to move forward in sports, inspired their dreams of surpassing themselves, and accumulated the courage to overcome difficulties from sports.

  In 2023, the world of sports is still exciting.

The two "home games" of the Hangzhou Asian Games and the Chengdu Universiade will allow China to continue to attract the attention of the world; the Chinese women's football team and the Chinese women's volleyball team will compete in the world; The World Championships in swimming and other events will be staged as scheduled; tennis events such as the China Open and the Shanghai Masters will return...Chinese athletes are expected to create more wonderful and unforgettable moments, and sports fans will have more opportunities to return to the arena and shout for their love , Come on and applaud.

  The power of youth gathers in Chengdu

  ■ Chengdu Universiade (July 28-August 8)

  This summer, the Chengdu Summer Universiade, which was postponed twice due to the epidemic, will kick off amid much anticipation.

  As a grand sports event for university athletes from all over the world, the Universiade has been held twice in mainland China, namely the Beijing Universiade in 2001 and the Shenzhen Universiade in 2011.

This Universiade is also the first time that western China hosts a world-class multi-sports event.

  The Universiade is known as the "Little Olympics", and hosting the Universiade tests the comprehensive strength of a city.

In recent years, Chengdu has continued to build a world-renowned event city with high standards, allowing sports to be deeply integrated into people's daily lives.

The Chengdu Universiade has set up a total of 49 competition and training venues, including 13 newly built venues such as Dong'an Lake Sports Park and Phoenix Mountain Sports Park, and 36 renovated and upgraded venues.

During the competition, college athletes from all over the world will sweat and inspire their youth on the field, and they will also experience the profound Bashu culture and taste the spicy and delicious "Bashi" life outside the field.

  Meet the Asian Games in Hangzhou

  ■ Hangzhou Asian Games (September 23-October 8)

  In the golden autumn season, the Hangzhou Asian Games, which has also been postponed, will be held from September to October.

This is the third time a Chinese city has hosted the Asian Games, after Beijing (1990) and Guangzhou (2010).

At that time, athletes from various Asian countries and regions will gather by the West Lake to communicate and compete in the "heart-to-heart harmony".

  This Asian Games is the first time that Hangzhou hosts a major international comprehensive event, and concepts such as "smart" and "thrifty" run through the process of organizing the event.

After the postponement of the Asian Games, the completed venues have been opened to benefit the people one after another. Local sports enthusiasts have experienced the elegance of the Asian Games venues before the athletes.

  This year's Asian Games has a new bright spot in the project setting-the much-watched e-sports entered the Asian Games stage as an official project for the first time.

In addition, the breakdancing event shortlisted for the Paris Olympics will also appear in the Hangzhou Asian Games.

  At the last Asian Games in Jakarta, the Chinese sports delegation won 132 gold medals, ranking first in the gold medal list for ten consecutive Asian Games since 1982.

Returning to the "home court" again after 13 years, Chinese athletes will surely win gold and silver with a more high-spirited appearance and better competitive state.

  The sonorous rose looks forward to blooming

  ■ Women's World Cup (July 20-August 20)

  ■ Men's Asian Cup (to be determined)

  ■ Men's Football World Cup Asian Qualifiers (starting on November 13)

  This summer, the four-yearly Women's World Cup will start in the southern hemisphere.

The Women's World Cup will be expanded to 32 teams for the first time, and all 64 matches will be held in nine cities in Australia and New Zealand.

  After experiencing the highlight moment of returning to the top of Asia last year, the Chinese women's football team has more expectations.

However, in the World Cup group stage, the Chinese women's football team will face the new European champions England, Denmark and a play-off team. The pressure to advance is not small.

Under the pressure that every battle is a tough battle, the combat effectiveness of the coach Shui Qingxia and the women's football girls is tested.

  In the past year, the Chinese women's football team has not only won the Asian Cup championship, but also "sent off" many international players to overseas clubs.

With both the confidence to return to the top and the experience of seeing the world, the World Cup journey of "Clanging Rose" is worth looking forward to.

  After the World Cup in Qatar, the Men's Football World Cup has entered a new cycle.

From 2026 onwards, the Men's World Cup will expand to 48 teams, and the qualifying places in the Asian region will also increase to 8.5.

After experiencing the disappointment and trough last year, the Chinese men's football team will embark on a dream-seeking journey out of Asia in November.

In addition to the world preliminaries, the Chinese men's football team will also compete in the Asian Cup in Qatar.

  Men's and women's volleyball teams make a new start

  ■ Men's Basketball World Cup (August 25-September 10)

  ■ World Women's Volleyball League Finals (July 12-July 16)

  ■ Women's Volleyball Olympic Qualifiers (Starting on September 16)

  The 2023 Men's Basketball World Cup will start in August, and the tournament will be jointly hosted by Indonesia, Japan, and the Philippines.

  In the last Men's Basketball World Cup, the Chinese men's basketball team at home only won one victory, failed to qualify from the group stage, and also lost the opportunity to go straight to the Tokyo Olympics. The record of nine consecutive Olympic Games was broken.

  In 2022, under the leadership of Du Feng, the Chinese men's basketball team overcame the shortage of players affected by the epidemic and successfully won tickets to the World Cup.

At the end of the year, Serbian Aleksandar Djordjevic took over the coach and began to inspect players in the CBA league to prepare for the World Cup.

  In the past year, the Chinese women's volleyball team has fought tenaciously in the absence of Zhu Ting and Zhang Changning due to injuries, and has made significant progress under the leadership of the new head coach Cai Bin.

This year, the Chinese women's volleyball team will continue to compete in the World Women's Volleyball League and go all out to compete for tickets to the Paris Olympics.

With Zhu Ting's return from injury and the improvement of her status, the strong Chinese women's volleyball team needs to take the first step back to the top.

  The Tennis Tournament Reignites

  ■ Australian Open (January 16-January 29)

  ■ French Open (May 28-June 11)

  ■ Wimbledon (July 3-July 16)

  ■ US Open (August 28-September 10)

  ■ China Open (September 28-October 4)

  ■ Shanghai Masters (October 4-October 15)

  In 2022, Chinese tennis has achieved many new breakthroughs.

Women's tennis player Zheng Qinwen was born. Born in 2002, she entered the top 16 of the Grand Slam in her first year in the professional arena. She broke into the top 30 in the world ranking, leading the brilliant performance of China's tennis golden flower.

Men's tennis Zhang Zhizhen and Wu Yibing broke into the US Open at the same time, and the momentum is in full swing.

Entering the new season, the performance of Chinese tennis players in the Grand Slam is worth looking forward to.

  There is hope for the competition, and there is good news for the competition.

The 2023 season calendar announced by the Men's Professional Tennis Association (ATP) recently shows that the Shanghai Masters, China Open, Chengdu Open, and Zhuhai Championship will reignite the battle in China next year.

Among them, the China Open will be held in Beijing on September 28, and the Shanghai Masters will take over on October 4. The long-awaited "China Season" by tennis fans has finally returned.

  It is worth mentioning that the Shanghai Masters in the new season will usher in an upgrade. The competition schedule has been extended from the past week to 12 days, the number of singles draws has been expanded from 56 to 96, and the prize money of the event has also increased.

  Famous table tennis player defends glory

  ■ World Table Tennis Championships (May 20-May 28)

  ■ WTT World Cup Finals (to be determined)

  ■ Sudirman Cup (May 14-May 21)

  ■ Badminton World Championships (August 20-August 27)

  As the master of glory, Guoping's every move is the focus of fans' attention.

This year, the individual event of the World Table Tennis Championships will be moved to Durban, South Africa. As the top table tennis event, the World Table Tennis Championships has always been a must for "table tennis players", and it is also an important reference for candidates for the Paris Olympics.

  From January 7th to 13th, the Durban World Table Tennis Championships in Asia will take the lead in Doha, Qatar.

The 19-year-old Xiang Peng and the 22-year-old Yuan Licen were shortlisted for the men's singles and men's doubles respectively, showing the new ideas of the national table tennis team.

  Not long ago, the national table tennis coaching staff completed the update, with Li Sun as the head coach, Wang Hao, Ma Lin and Xiao Zhan as the head coaches (team leaders) of the men's team, women's team and mixed doubles team respectively. The first major exam.

  This year, the biennial Badminton Sudirman Cup will be held in Suzhou, Jiangsu.

As a mixed team event, the Sudirman Cup represents the overall strength of participating countries and regions.

At present, the Chinese badminton team has a strong advantage in the women's singles, women's doubles and mixed doubles events, but there is no absolute certainty in the men's singles and men's doubles events.

In the previous two competitions, the Chinese team achieved two consecutive championships.

Once again embarking on the journey of defending the title, Guo Yu is facing new challenges.

  Track and field swimming strives for a breakthrough

  ■World Swimming Championships (July 14-July 30)

  ■Athletics World Championships (August 19-August 27)

  In 2023, the world championships of swimming and track and field will kick off one after another.

Among them, the World Swimming Championships will be held in Fukuoka, Japan, and the World Athletics Championships will be held in Budapest, Hungary.

  At the World Swimming Championships held in Budapest last year, the Chinese team ranked second in the medal table with 18 golds, 2 silvers and 8 bronzes. Among them, the diving "Dream Team" won 13 gold medals in 13 events, and synchronized swimming won 4 golds. The swimming team that performed well in the Tokyo Olympics only won 1 gold and 4 bronzes.

The time for the Paris Olympics is getting closer and closer. The talented Chinese diving team will pass this year's World Championships training and selection, and the Chinese swimming team urgently needs to train the team and gain confidence through competitions.

  At last year's Oregon Athletics World Championships, the Chinese team won 2 golds, 1 silver and 3 bronzes. Among them, Wang Jianan and Feng Bin achieved new breakthroughs in Chinese track and field in men's long jump and women's discus respectively.

In the new Olympic cycle, can Chinese track and field achieve multiple breakthroughs?

This year's Budapest World Championships will begin to emerge.

  Ice and snow athletes show their heroic appearance again

  ■ World University Winter Games (January 12-January 22)

  ■ Speed ​​Skating World Championships (March 2-March 5)

  ■ Short Track Speed ​​Skating World Championships (March 10-March 12)

  ■ Figure Skating World Championships (March 20-March 26)

  After experiencing the peak duel of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the new Winter Olympics cycle and the new ice and snow season are coming as promised.

  The World University Winter Games will be held in Lake Placid, USA on January 12.

As the "blessed land" where New China participated in the Winter Olympics for the first time, Lake Placid is expected to witness the debut of young Chinese ice and snow athletes.

  In addition, individual world championships in ice and snow events such as speed skating, figure skating, and short track speed skating will also be held at the end of this ice and snow season.

Chinese ice and snow athletes will attack in an all-round way, starting the journey of preparation for the Milan Winter Olympics cycle.

  "People's Daily Overseas Edition" January 4, 2023, Page 09