Yao Ming, chairman of the Chinese Basketball Association, raised his hand on the sidelines in celebration.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Chen Jimin

  China News Service, Beijing, December 17th (Reporter Wang Hao) According to the Chinese Basketball Association, on December 17th, the Chinese Basketball Association held a general meeting online, and the meeting elected Yao Ming as the chairman of the 10th Chinese Basketball Association.

As a banner figure of Chinese basketball, Yao Ming shoulders the expectations of countless fans.

In the future term of office, Yao Ming mainly has four major tasks to be completed.

Men's Basketball Looks to Revival

  In 2017, Yao Ming became the chairman of the Basketball Association at the beginning, and the Chinese men's basketball team was at a low point at that time.

In the London Olympics and Rio Olympics, the Chinese men's basketball team lost all in the group stage.

  In the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta, the Chinese men's basketball team defeated their old rival Iran and won the championship.

The increasing maturity of Zhou Qi, Guo Ailun and other players has made people look forward to the World Cup held at their doorstep in 2019.

Regrettably, the Chinese men's basketball team failed to qualify for the group stage in that competition, and ultimately failed to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics.

  Compared with the men's basketball team that was able to break into the top eight in the World Series and wrestle with the world's top teams, today's men's basketball team is indeed relatively inferior.

Some time ago, the Serbian coach Djordjevic officially took over the coach of the Chinese men's basketball team. It is still unknown what changes he can bring to the men's basketball team.

  In terms of three-person basketball, the Chinese men's team is currently not considered a strong team.

In this year's three-person basketball World Cup, they were eliminated in the group stage. In the three-person basketball Asian Cup, the Chinese men's team won the third place.

On August 25 local time, in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan, in the fourth window of the 2023 Men's Basketball World Cup qualifying match, the Chinese team defeated the Kazakhstan team 68:56 and won the first victory in the second round of the world preliminaries .

The picture shows the Chinese team lineup.

  At the re-election meeting, Yao Ming released the "14th Five-Year Action Plan for Chinese Basketball" on behalf of the Chinese Basketball Association, in which the goal set for the five-person men's basketball team and the three-person men's basketball team is to strive to qualify for the Paris Olympics.

How to make these two teams complete the task is an important issue for Yao Ming to face next.

Women's Basketball Remains Stable

  At the Rio Olympics, as a former world powerhouse, the Chinese women's basketball team ranked 10th, creating the worst record in any Olympic Games.

However, during Yao Ming's tenure, the level of the Chinese women's basketball team has improved rapidly. After the transition from old to new, Li Meng, Wang Siyu, Han Xu, Li Yueru and other players have grown into mainstays.

  Winning the Asian Games championship in 2018, advancing to the quarter-finals of the Tokyo Olympics in 2021, and winning the runner-up in the Women's Basketball World Cup in 2022, the Chinese women's basketball team has returned to the ranks of the world's top teams.

  In addition, the three-person women's basketball team has also achieved good results frequently in recent years.

Winning the bronze at the Tokyo Olympics in 2021 and the Asian Cup in 2022, the three-person women's basketball team will bring countless surprises to fans just like the five-person women's basketball team.

On October 1, Beijing time, the 2022 Women's Basketball World Cup ushered in the final battle.

The Chinese women's basketball team, which returned to the final stage after 28 years, faced the world's number one US team.

After four quarters of fierce fighting, the stronger American women's basketball team won the game 83:61, and the Chinese women's basketball team won the runner-up.

The picture shows women's basketball girls Li Yueru and Han Xu.

Image source: IC photo

  There are less than two years left before the opening of the Paris Olympics. The goal set in the "Chinese Basketball "14th Five-Year" Action Plan" for the five-person women's basketball team and the three-person women's basketball team is to strive for the top four in the Paris Olympics.

  Although these two teams have shown good upward momentum in recent years, how to maintain the stability of the team level still requires the continuous efforts of the Chinese Basketball Association led by Yao Ming.

League reform continues

  In 2017, Yao Ming not only became the chairman of the Chinese Basketball Association, but also the chairman of the CBA Corporation.

Since he took office, Yao Ming has introduced a series of reform measures, including allowing the CBA League to provide more development space for young athletes, and further standardizing the enforcement standards of CBA referees.

  Judging from the development of the CBA League in recent years, Yao Ming's reform has achieved certain results.

However, the impact of the new crown epidemic on the CBA league is obvious. In recent seasons, the club's income has been greatly affected.

The 2020-2021 season CBA finals came to an end on the evening of May 1.

In the end, the Guangdong men's basketball team defeated the Liaoning men's basketball team 110:103 after overtime and won the CBA championship again. This is also the eleventh championship in its team history.

The picture shows Yao Ming presenting awards to the champion team.

Image source: Visual China

  As for the women's basketball league, the indifference of the ball market is still an unresolved problem, which is undoubtedly not conducive to the development of women's basketball.

The rumors of NBL's "shutdown" this year reflect the difficulty of the club's survival under the epidemic.

  In the "14th Five-Year Action Plan for Chinese Basketball", the plan for the league part is: focus on strengthening the construction of CBA, WCBA, NBL and other competitions, innovate governance systems and mechanisms, stimulate market vitality, and develop professional leagues.

  For Yao Ming, how to sort out the development of various leagues in the next few years is not an easy task.

Project Grassroots Development

  During Yao Ming's tenure, he focused on the promotion of small basketball, and has been promoting the dredging of the channel between campus basketball and professional basketball, and has achieved some results so far.

  In the CBA league, Wang Lanyi, Zhang Ning, Guo Kai and other players from campus basketball have had their own amazing moments.

And small basketball is accepted and loved by more and more children.

During Yao Ming's next tenure, the work in these two areas should still be focused on.

On July 24, the 2022 CBA Draft was held at Qingdao Guoxin Gymnasium.

Wang Lanyi from Tsinghua University was selected by Nanjing Tongxi Dasheng Club with the first pick in the first round, and was elected this year's champion.

The picture shows Wang Lanyi being selected by the Nanjing team as the 2022 CBA No. 1 pick. Photo by Yi Guanjie

  In the "14th Five-Year Action Plan for Chinese Basketball", the Basketball Association plans to actively promote the integration of sports and education, comprehensively improve the competitive level of existing competitions for college students, high school students, and junior high school students, create a new youth competition brand, and popularize small basketball.

  In addition, the youth competition level and youth basketball level certification system will be innovated, and the point system will be used as a lever to develop the youth competition system and extensively encourage young people to participate in basketball.

Vigorously develop "digital basketball" to provide service support for national team building, youth training, membership development, and association governance.

  When he was a player, Yao Ming carried the banner of the Chinese men's basketball team and brought countless surprises to the Chinese people on the court.

As the chairman of the Basketball Association, Yao Ming has also continuously promoted the development of Chinese basketball during his past tenure.

In the future, I hope he can open up a new situation for the overall rise of Chinese basketball.