Various data have been announced about the first league of the soccer World Cup Qatar tournament, and in the ranking of the speed of the shot that scored, the goal scored by Japan's Ritsu Doan against Spain was the second overall. I understand.

FIFA = International Football Federation has announced various data as the first league of the World Cup Qatar tournament is over.

Of the shots that scored, Japan's Doan's tie-breaking goal against Spain recorded a speed of 120.04 kilometers per hour, which was the second fastest overall.

The top score was the shot scored by Mexico's Luis Chavez in the match against Saudi Arabia at 121.69 kilograms.

In addition, in the 48 games of the primary league, 96% of the seats were filled on average per game, and 2.45 million people watched.

The game with the most spectators in one match was the match between Argentina and Mexico at Lusail Stadium, with 88,966 people.