The good news was delivered overnight.

Korean high jump player Woo Sang-hyeok won his first ever gold medal at the World Indoor Athletics Championships.

Following the 4th place in the Tokyo Olympics, this time standing at the top of the world, he wrote a new history in Korean athletics.

Correspondent Kim Hyung-yeol.


Woo Sang-hyeok, a member of the Armed Forces Athletic Corps, announced

the beginning of a new history with the slogan

[Let's go!]

Last month, he jumped 2m 36 and flew like a bird as a candidate for the championship who rose to the top of the world rankings this season.

He lightly jumped 2m 20, 2m 24, then 2m 28 in the first round.

2m 31 was the only hump.

I touched the bar in succession in the 1st and 2nd period, and I was driven to the last 3rd period.

He roared vigorously, raised his concentration, and relentlessly jumped through the crisis.

After sighing, Woo Sang-hyuk folded his arms and nodded his head in a witty ceremony.

Having regained his composure, he induced applause toward the audience ahead of the 2m 34 first round, and strode to the sound of applause.

And when he jumped over the bar of fate, cheers erupted in the stadium,

[Woo Sang-hyeok succeeds.

It is sure to become a new history in Korean athletics.]

Woo Sang-hyuk roared.

All competitors, including Tokyo Olympic gold medalist Tamberry, could not exceed 2m 34, and Woo Sang-hyuk confirmed the gold medal.

Woo Sang-hyuk, who shed tears of emotion, finished the golden leap with a salute after challenging the 2m 37 Korean record alone until the second period.

Woo Sang-hyuk enjoyed the joy of walking around the arena holding the Taegeukgi, and the national anthem was sung for the first time at the World Athletics Championships.

Woo Sang-hyuk, who finished fourth in Korea's athletics record at the Tokyo Olympics, excluding marathons, opened up his era by standing at the top of the world in seven months.