Keirin Men's All Japan Championship loses to Wakimoto and others at the Tokyo Olympics 22:45

In the men's Keirin, the all-Japan championship of the bicycle track event, Yuta Wakimoto, who won the silver medal at the world championship, and two other athletes who have been nominated to represent the Tokyo Olympics both lost in the final, and are facing challenges for next year's performance I left it.

In the men's Keirin final, two players, Wakimoto and Yudai Nitta, who have been nominated as representatives of the Tokyo Olympics, met, and six people lapped the track five times to compete for the ranking.

Wakimoto took the lead with one and a half laps remaining, but was overtaken by Tomohiro Fukaya, who won the men's sprint on the 6th just before the goal, and finished second.

Nitta also finished in 4th place, and the two who are aiming to win the gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics have left a challenge for next year's performance.

In addition, 49-year-old Keiko Sugiura, who has won the gold medal twice on the road of the world championship, participated in the para competition held at the same time.

Sugiura, who has a disability in his brain and right half of his body, won the women's time trial, which competes for speed at 500 meters, with a good record of 41.611 seconds.

Sugiura has achieved results such as winning a bronze medal at this world championship not only on the road he is good at, but also on the track, giving momentum to winning the medal at the Tokyo Paralympics next year.

Wakimoto "I had a good experience"

Wakimoto, who finished second in the men's Keirin of the All Japan Championship, said, "I'm convinced that the result I set up was 2nd, but I think it's a reflection meeting with the coach after this. Fukaya's movement was unexpected. I was a little panicked, but I had a good experience of having such a race, including that, "he recalled.

On top of that, he said, "I want to build a solid body without losing sight of my goal" for next year's Tokyo Olympics, which is aiming for a gold medal.

Nitta "I'm assuming I'll win at the very end."

Nitta, who finished 4th in the men's Keirin of the All Japan Championship, said, "I don't think I'll always keep winning, and I'll take this result as a result. I'm assuming that I'll win at the very end, so this time. All you have to do is digest the results of the above and do your best again. Please look forward to how we can make use of these results. "

Sugiura "It led to confidence"

Sugiura, who won the Para Women's 500m Time Trial at the All Japan Championship, said, "I am relieved that this record has led to confidence and I can report it to the people who took care of me. The start I have been practicing went well, and the power of the start I think it can be used on the road as well. "

In addition, looking back on the time when there was no tournament due to the influence of the new coronavirus, "I was honestly tough. There was a person who could help me, "he said with tears.

Then, for next year's Tokyo Paralympics, he smiled, "First of all, I want to spend every day carefully so that I can be a representative. I am happy that people are expecting me now, so I definitely want to meet those expectations." talked.