Sensation from Kazakhstan, the rout of Belarus and the stubbornness of Croatia: a review of the matches of the qualification of Euro 2020

In Europe, started the qualifying round of the championship of the continent 2020 football. The main sensation of the first game day was presented by Kazakhstan, which crushed Scotland at home. And Azerbaijan on the road almost took away points from the current finalists of the World Cup of the Croats. Belarusians also missed four unanswered goals from the Netherlands. On the main events in the qualifying matches of Euro 2020 - in the material RT.

Group I

Unfortunately, Russia failed to score points in an away match with Belgium. RT told about this fight during a text broadcast as well as a report.

And the national team of Kazakhstan on the eve of the meeting with Russia created the main sensation of the day's game and unexpectedly defeated Scotland at home. Note that the match became the first official at the head of the team for the former Czech national team coach Michal Bilek.

In the very debut of the game, the hosts managed to shake the venerable rival, who last year secured a promotion in the League of Nations class, with two precise punches. After verified long passes into another penalty, 22-year-old Yuri Pertsukh and Yan Vorogovsky were distinguished.

And at the beginning of the second half, intrigue was killed by another young football player, 20-year-old midfielder of Rostov, Baktior Zainutdinov. So Kazakhstan managed to start with a super-successful qualification.

Another defeat, much more predictable, took place in the confrontation of Cyprus and San Marino. The hosts in Nicosia sent five unanswered goals to the opponent's goal and repeated their own record. Formerly, Cypriots beat Andorra twice with such a difference.

Kazakhstan - Scotland - 3: 0 (Pertsukh, 6, Vorogovsky, 10, Zainutdinov, 51)

Cyprus - San Marino - 5: 0 (Sotiriou, 19 (pen.), 23 (pen.), Kusulos, 26, Efrem, 31, Lyfis, 56)

Belgium - Russia - 3: 1 (Tilemans, 14, Hazard, 45 (pen.), 88 - Cheryshev, 16)

Position of teams: Cyprus - 3, Kazakhstan - 3, Belgium - 3, Russia - 0, Scotland - 0, San Marino - 0.

Group C

The Belarusians did not start too well in qualifying, although the neighbors had the Netherlands as rivals, plus the wards of Igor Kriushenko played away. And against the young rivals, the coaching staff of the team released a very experienced squad, in which eight football players crossed the 30-year mark at once.

However, the experience did not help the Belarusians, and they missed the first minute. After an unsuccessful discount goalkeeper from Igor Shitov Memphis Depay intercepted the ball and sent it to the net. And in the middle of the half, the midfielder “Lion” helped to distinguish Jorginho Waynaldum. Finally, immediately after the break, the latter earned a penalty, and Depay sold it and designed a double.

The point in the end put another player "Liverpool", connected to the attack Virgil Van Dyck - 0: 4. Belarusians repeated their anti-record. For the third time in history, they started in the qualification of major tournaments with a four-goal defeat.

Another qualifying stage and another team from the post-Soviet space, acting in this group - Estonia, has not begun successfully. Balts away gave way to Northern Ireland, which won the first victory in six months and the first victory in official matches - in one and a half. The first half ended in a draw, and after the break the hosts distinguished themselves twice.

Northern Ireland - Estonia - 2: 0 (McGinn, 57, Davis, 75 (pen.)

Netherlands - Belarus - 4-0 (Depay, 1, 54 (pen.), Waynaldum, 21, van Dyck, 86)

Position of the teams: Netherlands - 3, Northern Ireland - 3, Germany - 0, Estonia - 0, Belarus - 0.

Group E

In addition to Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan managed to surprise its own fans. The Caucasian team almost eliminated points from the finalists of the 2018 World Cup Croats. It is noteworthy that the Croatian specialist Nikola Yurchevich, who led the Azerbaijani team in February, brought a modest team to Zagreb.

And the guests unexpectedly managed to get ahead in the 19th minute. During the counterattack, the opponent's gate was hit by a Krylya Sovetov attacker, Ramil Sheydaev, from a fairly acute angle. He scored a goal in the fourth consecutive official match for the club and national team. At the same time, the ex-striker of the youth and youth national teams of Russia for the second time in his career distinguished himself in a match with the current winner of the World Cup. In 2017, he grieved the Germans.

However, just before the break, the Croats scored the most important return ball after a corner, and in the second half they took the lead thanks to an accurate kick by Andrei Kramarich. At the same time, an active part in the strong-willed success of the hosts was taken by CSKA midfielder Nikola Vlašić, who replaced 15 minutes before the end.

Slovaks headed the standings of Group E, who calmly beat Hungary at home - 2: 0. The main heroes of the match were the midfielder "Hertha" Ondrey Duda and the football player of "Real Salt Lake City" Albert Rusnyak, who scored two points for their performance.

Slovakia - Hungary - 2-0 (Duda, 43, Rusnyak, 85)

Croatia - Azerbaijan - 2: 1 (Barishich, 44, Kramarich, 79 - Sheydayev, 19)

Position of teams: Slovakia - 3, Croatia - 3, Wales - 0, Azerbaijan - 0, Hungary - 0.

Group G

One of the central matches of the game of the day took place in Vienna, where Austria hosted Poland. The hosts in the first half had a slight advantage and created some unpleasant moments at the opponents' goal, but Wojciech Schensny acted above all praise at the last line of the guests.

After the break, the teams played with caution, realizing that every mistake can have a fateful character. As a result, the Austrian goalkeeper Heinz Linder made a blot, who, after a strong blow from close range, shot the ball exactly on Krzysztof Pentek’s head.

Leading the race of Serie A scorers, the Milan striker did not miss a pair of meters and scored the second goal in the third match for the national team, and also brought the most important victory to Poland.

Three points scored and Macedonia, to get into the playoffs of the League of Nations. Wards Igor Angeloski home were stronger than Latvia. At the same time, the double managed to get the 19-year-old midfielder Elif Elmas, who was not in the starting lineup.

However, in the middle of the first half, one of the home football players was injured and a talented Fenerbahçe player entered the field. As a result, almost the first touch, he scored the debut ball for the national team, but in the end put an end and designed a double.

Finally, Israel and Slovenia split the world in Haifa. The teams exchanged scored balls at the beginning of the second half. On the goal of Andraz Sporara the hosts responded with an accurate strike by Eran Zahavi.

Israel - Slovenia - 1: 1 (Zahavi 55 - Sporar 48)

Macedonia - Latvia - 3: 1 (Alioski, 11, Elmas, 29, 90 + 3 - Isaev, 87)

Austria - Poland - 0: 1 (Pontek, 68)

Position of the teams: Macedonia - 3, Poland - 3, Israel - 1, Slovenia - 1, Austria - 0, Latvia - 0.