Unexpected reunions.

In the United States, a woman found her parents last Saturday, more than 50 years after being kidnapped when she was an infant, reports CBS relayed by 

La Dépêche


In 1971, Melissa was kidnapped by her babysitter who kept her at the family home in Texas.

The little girl was only 22 months old.

Desperate, her parents alerted the police and never stopped looking for their missing child.

They did well, since their long research ended up paying off… 51 years later.

#NEW - Tonight at 10:00 pm on CBS 11, our Nick Starling speaks with Melissa Highsmith and her family about what happened and being reunited after all this time.


— CBS DFW (@CBSDFW) November 28, 2022

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Reunion thanks to a DNA test

A few months ago, a DNA test revealed a link between Melissa's parents and her children.

After some research, the father found the one who could well be his daughter on Facebook and contacted her.

But Melissa, since renamed Melanie, knew nothing.

She then questioned the woman who had raised her and the latter confessed everything to her about her origins.

Now 53 years old, the missing child has therefore found her parents and her brother with a lot of emotions and tears.

"I just couldn't believe it," the shocked mother told CBS.

“I thought I would never see her again.



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