China News Service, Haikou, June 29 (Reporter Wang Ziqian) The Hainan Provincial Meteorological Bureau issued a typhoon level four warning at 18:30 on the 29th. All units are required to take precautions against the possible long-term suspension of navigation in the Qiongzhou Strait.

  The Hainan Provincial Meteorological Bureau warned: the tropical depression on the sea surface of the central and eastern South China Sea, at 17:00, the center is located at 16.1 degrees north latitude and 116.0 degrees east longitude, which is about 400 kilometers east-south of Sansha City (Xisha Yongxing Island), Hainan Province. , the maximum wind force near the center is 7 (15 m/s), and the minimum pressure in the center is 1000 hPa.

  It is expected that the center of the low pressure will move to the northwest at a speed of 10-15 kilometers per hour, and the intensity will gradually strengthen. It is likely to develop into a typhoon in the next 12-36 hours, and tend to the coast from eastern Hainan Island to western Guangdong.

  Affected by tropical depression, from July 1st to 4th, on the sea surface of Beibu Gulf, the sea surface around Hainan Island, and the sea surface near Xisha and Zhongsha Islands, the wind force increased from east to west to magnitude 8-9 and gusts of magnitude 10-11; Nansha On the sea surface near the archipelago, the wind was level 6 and the gust was level 7.

From July 1st to 4th, the whole island was cloudy with heavy to heavy rains and local heavy rains.

  The Hainan Provincial Headquarters for Flood Control, Wind and Drought Control decided to start the marine typhoon level IV emergency response at 19:00 on June 29, and issued a notice at the same time that the tropical cyclone will bring strong winds to the Qiongzhou Strait, which may cause the Qiongzhou Strait to be suspended for a long time. , all relevant units do a good job of preventive work.