China News Agency, United Nations, April 7 (Reporter Madlin) The emergency special session of the United Nations General Assembly on the Ukraine issue passed a resolution on the 7th to suspend Russia's membership in the Human Rights Council.

  The draft resolution was jointly submitted by dozens of countries including Ukraine and the United States.

The result of the vote that day was 93 votes in favor, 24 votes against, 58 abstentions, and China voted against.

More than two-thirds of the members voted in favour, and the draft resolution was passed.

According to the rules of procedure of the General Assembly, members who abstained were considered not to vote.

  The Russian representative expressed indignation and opposition to the resolution at the meeting, saying that the resolution has nothing to do with human rights.

Excluding Russia from the Human Rights Council would set a "dangerous precedent".

The matter is being manipulated by the United States in an attempt to crowd out countries with independent foreign policies.

The United States itself has been carrying out various actions that seriously violate human rights for a long time, but it has made false accusations against other countries.

  Countries that abstained from voting, such as Brazil and Egypt, generally believed that the Human Rights Council had decided in March to set up an independent international commission of inquiry to investigate Russia’s human rights violations in the Russian-Ukrainian war, and relevant work is currently underway; The situation also urgently requires a full and independent investigation.

Under these circumstances, rushing to exclude Russia from the Human Rights Council will not help relevant investigations, nor will it be conducive to the promotion and protection of human rights through multilateral means.

  The United Nations Human Rights Council is a subsidiary body of the United Nations General Assembly, responsible for strengthening the promotion and protection of human rights worldwide. It was established in 2006 and is headquartered in Geneva.

The Human Rights Council has 47 seats, elected by the majority of the UN General Assembly through direct and secret ballots, for a three-year term, renewable up to one time.