, July 22nd, a comprehensive report, Japan’s Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee announced on the 22nd that there were 4 new confirmed cases of new crowns in the Olympic Village, including 2 foreign players and 2 representatives of the team, including 1 player from the Czech Republic. Representative team table tennis player Silucek.

  On the same day, the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee stated that there were 12 new confirmed cases of East Olympics related persons, and the total number has now reached 87.

On July 21, 2021, local time, Tokyo, Japan, the Japanese Blue Pulse Aerobatic Team performed a performance in preparation for the Tokyo Olympics, which attracted many people to watch.

Image source: Visual China

  The Tokyo Olympics is about to open on July 23, but in recent days, foreign players have to give up the opportunity to participate because they have been diagnosed with the new crown virus before leaving for Japan.

  Among them, the British Olympic Committee announced that Amber Hill, the world's number one female skeet shooter, was diagnosed with the new crown virus on July 20 before departure and therefore gave up the competition.

Hill said in a statement on the official website of the British Olympic Committee: "I have practiced hard and actively prepared for the competition for the past 5 years. I did not expect to test positive for the new crown virus and had to withdraw from the British Olympic shooting team. Crying without tears."

  American women's singles tennis player, 17-year-old Corey Gove, announced on his social network account on the 18th that he had to give up playing because he was diagnosed with the new crown virus.

In addition, several tennis players, including Australian male tennis player Alex Deminar, also gave up the competition because they were diagnosed with the new crown before the departure.

  In addition, the American Basketball Association announced that the American men's basketball player Bradley Beal was quarantined due to triggering a health and safety agreement during a training camp in Las Vegas on the 14th and will not go to Japan to participate in the Olympic Games.