Dabaiba: The era of fragmentation and secession in Libya is over

Libyan security forces outside the Ouagadougou conference center in the coastal city of Sirte.


The head of the Libyan National Unity Government, Abdel Hamid al-Dabaiba, affirmed yesterday that “the era of fragmentation, division and secession in Libya is over forever.”

Dabaiba said, during the opening of the coastal road linking eastern and western Libya, after a two-year closure, that the opening of the coastal road “Misrata - Sirte” is a historic day, calling on the Libyans to renounce division, forget the grudges, turn towards stability and reconstruction, pay attention to the homeland and build the future Promising to meet in Sirte, during the coming period.

Al-Dabaiba participated in opening the road, after he personally removed the last hill on the coastal road from the western side.

This came following a visit by Dabaiba to the Abu Qurain area, "the place where the forces of Operation Volcano of Rage were concentrated."

Dabaiba had said, in a tweet on his Twitter account: "Today we will turn a page on the suffering of the Libyan people. We will take a new step in building, stability and unity."

He added: "A salute of appreciation for all the sincere efforts whose results we are living today by opening the coastal road (closed since 2019), together to build and work for the country's development and prosperity."

In turn, the spokesman for the Sirte Operations Room - Al-Jafra, Abdul Hadi Darah, confirmed that opening the road was a step that came to alleviate the suffering of the citizens, provided that a deadline is given to the other side to withdraw the Russian Wagner mercenaries.

For its part, the US Embassy in Libya welcomed the opening of the coastal road, and said, in a press statement yesterday, that the Libyans should focus on keeping the road open in preparation for the process of stability and full control of their affairs, including holding the elections scheduled for next December.

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